Lems Men’s Boulder Boot in Mid Leather

Putting your best foot forward entails finding footwear purveyors that tally with your own style sensibilities and who deliver the sort of footwear that you’ll want to wear day in, day out. Well, Lems are one such brand in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and one of their best releases to date are these awesome looking Men’s Boulder Boots in Mid Leather. Stylish, affordable and rugged as they come – they’re a real triple threat.

The Lems Men’s Boulder Boots in Mid-Leather have a wallet friendly price tag of just $135 and, given the fact these boots will likely be right by your side on any adventure for many years to come, this certainly represents excellent value for money. These classy looking, no-nonsense boots from Lems has seen the footwear specialists wrap your new favourite high tops in 100% full-grain leather, and they’ve delivered the perfect, ankle-high clone of the shoe some consider “total packable perfection.” What’s not to like?

Performance Potential

Lems are a brand that have been on our radar for some time now here at The Coolector and you’ll see why we rate them so highly when you pull on a pair of these Boulder Boots in Mid-Leather for the first time. The tangible sense of quality belies the sub-$150 price tag and Lems have added an ultra-thin 0.8mm cork top layer, which means your foot will be feeling the benefits of natural coolness and comfort, with or without socks.

The Lems Boulder Boots in Mid-Leather ($135) boast an injection blown rubber outsole which is an important design feature as it is what makes Lems footwear exceptionally lightweight with an unparalleled flexibility. Deemed as the ideal travel companion, these brilliant boots can be packed down to the size of your favourite puffer jacket.

There is zero drop with these wonderfully well made boots from Lems and they place the forefoot and heel flat to the ground which goes a long way to correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike. You’ll likely not have felt a comfort like this before from such a versatile pair of boots and that’s why we’re definitely looking to get our hands on a pair here at Coolector HQ.

Small Design Tweaks

Lems original Boulder Boots have long-held the title as being the most packable on the market, but there’s a new contender to the crown and it with this full-grain leather boot. Boasting an oiled finish and a lightweight outsole, the wide toe box, and are zero-drop make these boots outperform the competition but Lems also took a little off the top and added a dark brown 3D polyester mesh for enhanced breathability and comfort day in, day out.

We love the footwear from Lems here at The Coolector and when you find a brand that so perfectly combines performance with style and affordability, that’s a brand worth sticking around for. They’ve definitely showcased all of these traits in the superb looking Boulder Boots in Mid-Leather – go and grab yourself a pair now for all your Fall adventures afoot.

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