Lookout House

If you love skiing and have long dreamt of owning a home with its own ski run going directly to the door then Lookout House from Faulkner Architects might just be your dream property. With this stunning piece of contemporary architecture, the fun doesn’t stop when the ski resort closes down. To end a long day on the slopes, the residents of this Truckee, California property simply ski directly into the home’s built in ski run.

The dramatic ski run found on the grounds of Lookout House from Faulkner Architects is a narrow slot within the house’s massing that is partially concealed by a steel plate for an extra sense of privacy. The plot itself had a big impact on the aesthetics of the home, as it is built on a 20-degree slope at 6,300 feet above mean sea level. The area sits at the base of a three-million-year-old volcano and is home to second-growth Jeffrey Pine and White Fir trees.

Visually Vibrant Design

This striking piece of architecture certainly doesn’t have your average looking interior and red-orange glass has been positioned throughout the space in order to act as a reference to the colour of cooling magma from the nearby volcano. The glass is a breathtaking detail which can be witnessed from the outdoors that also extends to the interior where the material casts a warming hue on the entrance and central staircase.

The bedrooms of Lookout House from Faulkner Architects have been buried into the site’s north slope for enhanced privacy and seclusion. The master suite of this beautiful, contemporary home is nestled away in the most private part of the house and boasts spectacular, panoramic views of the Martis Valley.

Insulated concrete walls which have been crafted from local sand and aggregate, volcanic basalt floors, and walnut from old orchards in the nearby Sierra foothills are the main materials used throughout the interiors of Lookout House. There is a decidedly serene look and feel to the interiors of this mesmerising piece of modern architecture and it is right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

Cavernous Spaces

There is a real pleasing sense of space to the interiors of Lookout House from Faulkner Architects and it has full-height openings in the concrete which is where you’ll find sliding doors that open up the space and allow for a deeper connection with the glorious landscapes which surround this majestic looking home.

Lookout House is a dream property for those with a penchant for skiing and contemporary architecture and it’s position in the Californian mountains really is a sight to behold. The architects have done an extraordinary job of elevating the aesthetics of this property both inside and out and we can’t wait to check out the rest of their projects for 2020 and beyond here at The Coolector.

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