Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier

As Coolector HQ isn’t rife with pandas, we’re feeling fairly confident that we can deploy one of these brilliantly named Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifiers without a risk of it being seen as lunch by a furry bear.

We’re always on the lookout for devices that will add a visual appeal to our headquarters and the Loudbasstard certainly falls into this category. For those who want to really add another level to their musical enjoyment, this is a bit of kit that won’t disappoint on any level.

The Loudbasstard is the work of a talented bunch of craftsman and their operations only began as recently as 2012 but the awesomeness of their wares shines through and we here at The Coolector are definitely impressed with the calibre of their Loudbasstard’s visual appeal and the top notch features going on under its hood. Their amplifiers are made completely out of natural bamboo and made by hand in the Philippine city of Cebu, where the company is based.

Their fantastically stylish Loudbasstard devices are lightweight but incredibly durable and are compatible with most of today’s devices so you’ll be able to play your various playlists without any issues. Check out the video below to get a feel for the top notch craftsmanship that goes into each Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier:

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″]http://youtu.be/JxPS_NX3PyM[/youtube]

It is great to see that there are genuinely skilled craftsman at work behind the superb designs of the Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifiers and we here at The Coolector are certainly hoping to get our hands on one of their attractive looking devices in the not too distant future. Check out a few more shots of this spiffing amplifier below:



If you’ve fallen for the charms of this top notch looking device, you’re not alone as we here at The Coolector have too and as it doesn’t require any mains electricity, of course, we’ll certainly be taking it out and about as well as taking up residence in Coolector headquarters.

Price: $49

Available: Loudbasstard

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