Love Hultén Aple Apple 1 Display Case

It goes without saying that Apple are one of the biggest innovators in the world of technology and their computers are used the world over today. It’s easy to forget where it all began for the American brand and if you’re a lover of all things retro and brilliant industrial design, this fantastic looking Love Hultén Aple Apple 1 Display Case is going to be very much to your liking.

The Love Hultén Aple Apple 1 Display Case is an amazing nod to the origins of the Apple brand and, though it’s hard to believe Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus to help fund and produce friend, Steve Wozniack’s hand-built and custom-designed Apple Computer-I back in 1976, that’s exactly what he did and that is the iconic machine which is encased within Love Hultén mesmerising and vintage inspired design.

Vintage Vibes

We love the 70s and 80s vibes that typically infuses all of Love Hultén’s designs here at Coolector HQ but he has really excelled himself with the Aple Apple 1 Display Case in our opinion. The Apple 1 was not a commercial success and very few made it into general circulation which makes them all the more special and rewarding now and this cracking piece of design really does a great job of celebrating the iconic aesthetics of Wozniack’s original creation.

The Love Hultén Aple Apple 1 Display Case adds a pleasing old school cool with a contemporary edge to the original Apple computer release and we’ve fallen pretty hard for it here at The Coolector. Wozniak and Jobs first sold Apple-1 as only a bare board, a single-etched and silkscreened circuit board, with no electronic components so that consumers could build their own computers, and just needed an additional television set and keyboard.

Sweden-based designer, Love Hultén builds his own re-interpretation of Apple-1, or rather a mid-century styled display case to cradle the old tech relic, and calls it Aple. This spectacular, made-to-order, battery-operated display cabinet encases any original, ‘Woz-built,’ Apple motherboards from 1976 onwards. Unlike Apple-I’s consumer products, Hultén’s display case comes replete with a fully integrated keyboard and monitor protection framing that’s has been handcrafted from either black walnut or old growth teak wood. The wooden monitor housing sits above the display cabinet on an angled mount carved crafted from the same wood as the rest of the case.

Devil in the Detail

On the display case’s right side, there is a pull out drawer which showcases the motherboard’s circuitry. Mostly enclosed, Apple-I’s circuit board can be magnified by taking a peek through the case’s plexiglass dome, which is designed to resemble a crystal ball cut in half, which Love Hultén might have included to evoke 1970s sense of mysticism.

The rear side of Hultén’s Aple Apple 1 Display Case unveils a retro, standard switchboard that deepens the items tribute to the technology of yesterday, and brings forth a curiosity for all the functions and hidden features to be unlocked within. If you’re a fan of old school Apple products given a mid-century spin, look no further.

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