Loyal Stricklin Flat Pack Gear Stash

For those who live life on the go and always need their essentials close at hand, whether this be grooming goods when travelling or tools when working out in the back yard, it’s not always easy to find the right storage solution that has the sort of versatility for carrying whatever it is you need. Well, this is an issue no longer courtesy of this rather awesome looking Flat Pack Gear Stash from Coolector HQ favourites, Loyal Stricklin.

The Loyal Stricklin Flat Pack Gear Stash is an all-purpose zippered pouch which is a cut above in the materials department to ensure it can offer the sort of do-it-all attitude to carry all your day to day essentials wherever it is your headed. Stylish, exceptionally well made and boasting a level of functionality that is beyond compare, this cracking little accessory is another feather in the cap of the guys at Loyal Stricklin.

Your All-in-One Solution

We certainly value functionality here at Coolector HQ and that’s something that this Flat Pack Gear Stash from Loyal Stricklin offers in spades. It is billed as the ideal carry solution for all your small items that you simply cannot live without and with this glorious looking accessory, you can make sure they are never far from arm’s reach. Suitable for anything from toiletries to tools (and everything in between), we’re loving the understated and assured design of this accessory and the fact it offers so many options regarding how you choose to use it.

Crafted from American waxed canvas, a heavy duty YKK solid brass zipper, and leather details, this isn’t your average accessory and the quality on offer really is tangible. The Loyal Stricklin Flat Pack Gear Stash has elements pointing to its versatility everywhere you look such as the solid brass D-ring on its top to hang your pack from a door hook, a rusty nail in your garage, or from a tree on any woodland hike or outdoor excursion.

The Flat Pack Gear Stash from Loyal Stricklin is as elegant and stylish as it is robust and uncompromising and for those of you who value well-made (handcrafted in the USA no less), then this is the sort of accessory that you need in your life. It’s a lightweight and portable bit of kit which can be packed flat or be expanded up to 3″ to ensure you can fit all your essential carry within.

USA Made Wares

Each one of these supremely stylish and functional Flat Pack Gear Stashes from Loyal Stricklin is made in Alabama by American hands who care about making products in the right way and ensuring that everything they produce is as good as it can be. We’re big fans of the Loyal Stricklin ethos here at Coolector HQ and their dedication to quality craftsmanship really is a refreshing one indeed.

If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect means of porting about your various essentials – be it on a weekend trip away, a camping trip in the woods or storing tools in your garage – this amazing accessory from Loyal Stricklin won’t let you down. Made from the finest materials and boasting exceptional robustness, this will be the last EDC case you’re going to need.

Price: $42

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