LynQ Location Tracking

Adventure is great especially when out in the wilds of the world where it’s just you and nature but it’s always prudent to have the right technology in tow to make sure you stay safe out there and this LynQ Location Tracking device which is funding on Indiegogo right now is a great example of what we mean. This first class bit of kit provides real-time distance and direction, globally under open sky – which means no phones, maps, networks or monthly fees, just an intuitive means of locating those who may be in need of assistance.

The LynQ Location Tracking Device on Indiegogo is both private and secure and supplies long-range location tracking that’s extremely straightforward to use. It lets you find friends, children in crowds, remote areas, at festivals, or anywhere under open sky and it’s intuitive one button interface is something that makes it quick and easy to operate in an emergency. It is the only tracker which makes it simple to locate everyone in your group at the push of a button when nothing else will so, if time is of the essence out in the wild, this is the location tracker for you.

Real Time Tracking

When out in the wilderness, or tackling mountainous terrains, making sure you know where your whole group is will always be a priority and with the LynQ Location Tracking Device, it’s extremely easy to achieve. The real-time display will show both the distance and direction of every group member at all times and make sure that no one gets left behind or goes missing during wilderness excursions. It has up to three days of battery life off a single charge, a signal range of up to three miles and delivers real time tracking for up to 12 group members.

The LynQ Location Tracking Device does away with a reliance on technology when it comes to tracking your friends out in the wild. A phone only works if they have it on them and are capable of using it and will require cellular service, off-grid trackers only work if you’ve downloaded the relevant maps ahead of time and Bluetooth technology only works within 100ft of your phone. The LynQ overcomes all these issues and provides the ultimate in location tracking performance.

Letting you set meet up locations in the wild or create alerts when a member of the group leaves a safe zone that will vibrate, ring and light up when they do so, the LynQ Location Tracking Device offers excellent peace of mind for all sorts of scenarios. Whether it’s keeping connected off-grid, monitoring your children’s location or keeping your pets within your back garden, the possibilities of this cracking device are pretty much limitless and we’re left mighty impressed with its considerable uses and versatility here at Coolector HQ.

Global Coverage

The beauty of the LynQ Location Tracking Device lies in the fact it delivers global coverage that is completely secure. It uses algorithms that blend GPS, long range, low power radio communication, with a custom antenna which ensures that you will have a connection anywhere under an open sky. It is weather proof and extremely robust so will be ready for any adventures that you can throw its way.

With prices starting at just $174 for a twin pack of LynQ Location Tracking Devices, this represents a small price to pay for a big peace of mind and it’s no surprise to us to see this excellent bit of kit doing so well over on Indiegogo. If you want to make sure you always know where each other is on your next wilderness adventure, investing in this first class technology is a bit of a no brainer.

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