Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard

One’s workspace says a lot about the individual working there and if you want to stand out from the crowd a little, this excellent looking Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard is probably the ideal place to start. This striking bit of tech from Massdrop is like putting on an old record or driving a stick shift, because there’s nothing quite the same as typing on a typewriter. With their heavy actuations, old-school colourways, and audible clicks and clacks, mechanical keyboards come close—and with this top notch Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard they’ve edged even closer.

The Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard has a price tag of $250 which is pretty decent for a bit of kit of this calibre and aesthetic superiority. With a design by Zslane (who also designed the Dasher & Dancer and G20 Semiotic custom keycaps), the Mercury Rocketeer is based on the Swiss-made Hermes Rocket typewriter – something which gives it an excellent vintage appeal. Originally developed in the 1940s, the typewriter was known for its portability, build quality, and well-rounded features—all of which are on bold display here in a more century appropriate offering.

Retro Design

Made with a tall, curved powder-coated aluminium case in soothing seafoam green, the Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard evokes the nostalgic vibes of the classic original on which the design is based. What’s more, the keycaps are done in the same vintage green colour, with themed novelties that further emphasise the design of the legendary typewriter and make this an essential purchase for anyone looking to add a vintage vibe to their workspace this summer.

The Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard ($250) takes a leaf right out of its predecessor’s book in terms of its portability and you’ll be able to take this with you on the go effortlessly. However, in terms of functionality, it drastically outdoes what came before. To start with, the Rocketeer has a custom 60% PCB that can be programmed to your liking via QMK firmware and the switches, too, can be swapped out with ease thanks to the Kaihua hotswap switch sockets which means you can tailor this keyboard to your own work requirements.

You can connect the Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard  to your computer via the dual USB-C connectors, which also have passthrough technology. Last but not least, the bottom of the case has removable feet for an even more angled feel and enhanced typing experience. The keycaps are crafted by Signature Plastics and they are sculpted in tall SA profile for a curved feel just like you’d get on a real typewriter. The colorway is a relaxing seafoam green that complements the colour of the powder-coated case and matches the original design of the typewriter excellently. While the keyboard comes with an aluminium switch plate, Massdrop will also be offering it in brass to really set your board apart from the crowd.

First Class Specs

As you would expect from a keyboard costing $250, the Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard has plenty of high quality features and specifications that help make it an essential addition to your workspace. This includes a powder-coated die-cast aluminium frame, custom 60% PCB, QMK firmware, dual USB-C connectors, Kaihua hot-swap switch sockets and cherry-style stabilisers.

If you’re wanting to add a vintage style aesthetic with a pop of colour to your workspace, look no further than this superb looking  Massdrop x Zslane Mercury Rocketeer Keyboard. Excellent quality throughout and a tangible sense of bygone days of tapping away on a typewriter really appeal to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and we’ll certainly be looking to add one of these cracking keyboards to our own workspace.

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