Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones

If you’re a music lover, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got the very best in audio equipment in tow whenever you’re commuting to work or heading on a long haul flight and, quite frankly, so far as headphones are concerned, you’re going to find few that can hold a candle to these awesome looking and high performing, Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones.

Master & Dynamic are synonymous with top quality audio equipment and their headphones and earphones really are a cut above so far as aesthetics and performance are concerned and their latest offering, the MW50 Wireless Headphones, are without doubt amongst their finest bits of technology to date. For those after some magnificent new headphones that boast an abundance of impressive features, read on because you’ve just found them.

Masterful Execution

Master & Dynamic bill their MW50 Wireless Headphones as mobile, wireless thinking caps that help you concentrate and focus (not to mention looking great whilst doing it) and provide the sound performance you demand to inspire your thinking and enjoy your music. Crafted to exacting specifications, the MW50 Wireless Headphones from Master & Dynamic are not just amongst the most attractive headphones you’re likely to encounter but also boast one of the best sound qualities on the market.

Available in two different colours – silver metal with brown leather and silver metal with black leather – the Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones have been purpose built for decades of use, and use the Bluetooth enabled accessories are crafted with only the best materials and tuned to provide a rich, detailed and expansive sound that will transport you to another place and blow you away with the out of this world sound quality.

Impressively designed with both form and function, something typified by the exposed all-aluminium antenna which is a mighty important feature because it’s responsible for delivering the best-in-class signal range on these cracking headphones. In addition, you will find exclusive drivers which use beryllium for superior acoustics and the ear cups fold flat which is a great feature so far as portability and comfort are concerned.

Exceptional Quality

When you buy a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones, you know you’re going to get quality but you probably won’t expect the sort of tangible quality that is provided by the MW50 Wireless Headphones. These lightweight accessories, which are a third lighter than the brand’s MW60 offering, are great for day to day use and will always look great no matter the situation or setting.

They boast a 16-hour rechargeable battery combined with a minimal industrial aesthetic and the brand’s well known rich, warm sound and couple this with premium cowhide leather ear cups, an intuitive control system and a noise-isolating microphone to provide superior clarity. All in all, you’ll be hard pressed to find a superior quality pair of headphones than these from Master & Dynamic in 2017 and it’s two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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