The Medium Control Tees

We wear a lot of T-shirts at Coolector HQ and, resultantly, constantly find ourselves on the lookout for new brands with which to drape our portly frames. Well, we’ve found a bit of a belter in the form of The Medium Control and their superb array of printed men’s tees. We’re suckers for minimalist style tees and that’s precisely what is on offer from this excellent looking lifestyle and apparel brand.

The Medium Control are a brand which are the brainchild of designer, Tommy Kronquist, who also has his own design agency (of the same name) where he makes all his apparel by hand until you see the fine array of tees witnessed above. Having been around since 2001, The Medium Control are certainly no newcomers to the apparel industry so we shouldn’t be surprised that the finished products are so visually awesome.

If you’re after a simple, affordable and stylish clothing brand, we’re in no doubt you’ll find exactly what you’re after in the form of The Medium Control, which has unquestionably ticked all of our sartorial boxes here at Coolector HQ which, admittedly, are just looking comfortable and awesome. Kudos, chaps.

Price: $25+

Available: The Medium Control.

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