Mini Museum 2

We covered the original Mini Museum on the pages of The Coolector a year or so ago and the creator of the project, Hans Fex, is back again with his follow up, the imaginatively titled Mini Museum 2, which boasts some equally awesome bits of pieces from earth and beyond that will make the perfect workspace talking point.

The Mini Museum 2 incorporates billions of years of life on earth which has been curated by Fex himself and display within a super cool glass case that lets you marvel over the magnitude of the universe whenever you see fit.

Just a few of the bits and pieces that will be within your Mini Museum 2 (which is currently killing it on Kickstarter) include mammoth meat, shipwrecked pieces of eight, stegosaurus plate and petrified lightning (all in miniature form, of course). Take a look at a few more shots of Mini Museum 2 below:







With so many little extracts of extremely cool things forming the foundations of this fantastic little desk accessory, it is little wonder that the Mini Museum 2 has proven so immeasurably popular over on Kickstarter and if you want a piece of history that fits in the palm of your hand, there is still plenty of time to show your support for this excellent project over on Kickstarter.

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