NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters

Commercial space travel is something which seems tantalisingly close and yet still so far away and whilst it may well be a long time before space tourism is a mainstream thing, these awesome looking NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters from Tim Hippmann, which are funding on Kickstarter as we speak, are a window into what it might look like to be sold trips to Jupiter, Mars, Kepler 16-b et al.

These brilliant looking NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters from Tim Hippmann are full-sized reprints, at museum quality, of NASA’s immeasurably popular series of space inspired prints. Each one is borderless and redesigned in a full size style in order to maximise on the visual impact of these fantastically striking posters. For anyone looking for some space themed artwork for their home or workspace, these ones would be amongst our first picks here at Coolector HQ.

Galaxy Greatness

If you thought these prints looked familiar, it’s because NASA released them a little while ago and made them available to download and reprint but it’s not until this Kickstarter campaign from Tim Hippmann that you’ve been able to get them in such quality and precision. This brilliant project builds upon the glorious design of these NASA prints and lets your take your pick of the ones you want to see hanging on your own walls at home or in the office.

The NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters on Kickstarter are exactly the sort of artwork that we’d typically favour when decking out Coolector HQ and the bold, striking visuals will immediately draw the eye wherever you choose to hang these prints. Hippmann has made a few subtle changes to the designs in terms of their sizing and text in the headers and footers of the print but the visual impact remains the same and we’re in little doubt that there will be a lot of space lovers out there itching to get their hands on these cracking posters.

Quality is essential when it comes to printing posters this size and the NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters are printed on 200 Grams enhanced matte Paper which is the sort of quality which you’d expect to see in art galleries and museums. The posters come unframed but it’s a good idea to get them in a frame as soon as possible in order to keep them in the best possible condition. Having already exceeded their funding target on Kickstarter, you’ve still got some time left to bag your own astronomical artwork before it’s too late.

Impressive Selection

There are eight prints to choose from in this NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters series on Kickstarter including travel style prints from Jupiter, Mars, Titan and Enceladus. For anyone with an interest in space travel and graphic design, these prints are going to resonate with you and will deliver the sort of head-turning aesthetics that most people will look for when it comes to decorating their home or office workspace.

Kickstarter is home to some awesome design projects but this cracking collection or NASA prints is one of the finest we’ve seen to date and space exploration aficionados are definitely going to get a kick about being able to have museum quality prints hanging in their home. Exceptional quality and a great nod to the brilliant design work of NASA for this series of artwork, we’ll certainly looking to be getting our hands on these prints here at The Coolector.

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