New Legend 4×4 ’67 Hampton Scout

As you’re likely aware, there are a few restoration workshops that we can’t help but keep gravitating back to here at The Coolector and New Legend 4×4 are certainly chief amongst them. Our love of this workshop stems from the fact they carry out restorations as mesmerising as this wonderfully vintage vibed ’67 Hampton Scout which comes in an awesome Tamarack Green colourway.

The New Legend 4×4 ’67 Hampton Scout boasts a powerful 4.8L LS Engine with a 6 Speed Automatic 6L80 gearbox that will help you tackle the most uncompromising of terrains out in the wild. This 1967 800 Scout was bought by the original owner, and called Colorado its home. Despite snowy winters and rocky terrain, the Hampton stayed in top notch condition for when New Legend 4×4 found it and worked their magic upon it.

Quality Condition

It’s not always the case for the builds from New Legend 4×4 but this one was in a remarkably good condition given both its age and the adventures it had embarked upon over the years. The was no rust and the original paint was still in evidence. New Legend 4×4 questioned whether it should live out its life sitting in a museum untouched, and if an LS swap would be a dishonor to its spectacular condition. At the end of the day, Scouts were created to drive and that is still their purpose 40 years later – so they did their stuff and we’re mighty glad they did here at Coolector HQ because, quite frankly, it looks awesome.

The New Legend 4×4 ’67 Hampton Scout has seen the American workshop swap out the engine and drivetrain and restore some interior elements, all while keeping its original glory intact. The lightly restored the original body to make it look as good as the day it rolled off the production line and the floors have been inspected and coated for sound and heat insulation to give this steed a more 21st century disposition.

Other additional work carried out for this small but pivotal restoration from New Legend 4×4 includes new body bushings, weather stripping, door seals and felt and whoever is lucky enough to add this vehicle to their line up of classic cars can choose from the original or aftermarket bumpers when making the purchase.

Contemporary Interiors

This ’67 Hampton Scout might be over half a century old but New Legend 4×4 have revamped the interiors and sympathetically bought it into the 21st century with some neat little design touches on the inside. This includes modern air conditioning, New Legend waxed canvas / leather upholstery, New Focal speakers, Alpine amp, and audio subwoofer and a new 4-point roll bar with modern seatbelts.

Yet another awesome build attributed to New Legend 4×4, the ’67 Hampton Scout is still currently available to purchase but definitely won’t stay that way for long given the speed with which the workshop’s other builds have sold so, if you like what you see with this spectacular scout, make sure you make your move quickly.

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