Nextube Retro Modern Nixie Clock

We’ve featured a number of nixie clocks on the pages of The Coolector in the past but, it’s fair to say, few have left us quite as impressed as this Nextube Retro Modern Nixie Clock which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. Nextube is billed as a retro display that revives the beautiful warm glow of the nixie tube and shows you some of the key metrics you’re interested in as part of your contemporary living. If you’re after a feature piece of design for your workspace, this one definitely won’t disappoint.

The Nextube Retro Modern Nixie Clock can be yours for £95 during the early bird pricing on Kickstarter which is over 30% off the final retail price so move fast to secure yourself a bargain. This eye-catching piece of design is inspired by the 50s-70s soviet Nixie tube clock and Nextube uses modern IPS screens to revive the beautiful warm orange glow of old tech, at the same time, delivers key metrics of modern living. You can use it to know the time, arrange your schedule, check the weather, track social media performance, visualise your favorite music, and light up your space. And all for under £100 right now.

Vintage Inspired Design

Nixie tubes were first introduced back in the mid-1950s for numerals display, but soon fell out of favour due to the emergence of the new LED display technology that worked its way into the mainstream. As time has passed, the bright warm orange glow is becoming a legendary symbol for the retro-tech movement and they are a highly sought after commodity nowadays. However, they are quite fragile with a short life span and require sophisticated maintenance if anything goes wrong with them. Nextube is using the modern IPS screens to re-create the vintage nostalgic look without the problems associated with Nixie tubes.

The Nextube Retro Modern Nixie Clock on Kickstarter (from £95)  isn’t a mere exercise in nostalgia. The digital IPS screens can bring endless possibilities and will really add a dash of old school cool to wherever you choose to display it. Select a place, set your time, and you’re ready to enjoy the beauty of this ultra-modern instrument of time. With this eye-catching accessory, you can get the most out of every second, and focus on your own life and goal.

It boasts a real-time social media subscriber counter for your Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok account and has a reliable weather forecast and accurate temperature/humidity display which allows you to check the weather at a glance in the morning to get you and your family well prepared for the day ahead. For anyone with a love of Nixie tube style clocks but don’t want the hassle of the upkeep, this is the Kickstarter campaign for you – head on over now to get yours for a bargain price.

Leo Davie