Nisnas Vortex Shadow Leather Bag

During our frequent visits to Kickstarter in search of awesome carries here at Coolector HQ we come across all shapes and sizes but most fall into the backpack or duffle style categories so it’s always refreshing to come across a carry that dares to be different for an aesthetic and functionality point of view and that leads us nicely onto the rather excellent looking Nisnas Vortex Shadow Leather Bag which is is storming to success on the crowdfunding platform as we speak.

The Nisnas Vortex Shadow Leather Bag is a lovingly handmade accessory that perfectly strikes the balance between messenger and sling bags and can be used to carry ALL your various devices. Stylish, versatile and boasting an impressive amount of storage space, these bags are handcrafted from beautiful full grain leather and serve as the ideal accessory for any modern man in the urban environment.

Small But Perfectly Formed

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll often times take out a backpack or duffle bag and carry it around half empty with the majority of the storage space not being used. If that sounds like you, the Nisnas Vortex Shadow Leather Bag might just be the ideal solution as it sits in the space between carry sizes to offer exactly the right amount of storage for day to day carrying of essentials and tech accessories. Streamlined and boasting a tangible sense of quality to the touch, it is thoroughly impressive the sheer amount of devices that you can fit within such a slim looking accessory.

The Nisnas Vortex Shadow Leather Bag balances the two essential characteristics of portability and functionality and, pleasingly, doesn’t have the retail mark up typically found with other leather bags on the market, so you can secure your own for just $220 during their Kickstarter campaign. Handcrafted from top to bottom, the Vortex Shadow Bag is incredibly robust and made to last a lifetime and will effortlessly carry all your gadgets from smartphone and iPad to headphones and cameras.

Hidden pockets, and plenty of them, are the secret to the storage capacity of the Nisnas Vortex Shadow Leather Bag on Kickstarter and it has multiple pockets inside capable of holding anything from smart phones to small cameras to pens, pocket knives and books so you’ll never need to leave any of your essentials behind. A larger version of a 2015 design called the Vortex Shield, this latest offering from Nisnas is exceptionally well made and versatile and we’re sure that many men will be looking to get their hands on one in 2018.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

What really makes the Vortex Shadow stand out from the competition is the superb quality of craftsmanship that has gone into its creation with each bag being handmade, stitch by stitch. This attention to detail really shines through in the aesthetic appeal of the product and delivers a really tangible sense of quality to proceedings. Ideally suited to short urban adventures or day trips out into the wild, the sheer versatility of this cracking carry is second to none.

If you find yourself in need of a new carry in 2018 and want one that has just the right amount of space for all your day to day essentials, the Nisnas Vortex Shadow, which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak, would get our vote here at Coolector HQ. Wonderfully well made and functional, there really is nothing not to like about this well thought out design.

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