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We’ve featured all manner of crowdfunding campaigns here on the pages of The Coolector over the years but, for the most part, it has been things like watches, bags and technology that have come into our purview. But, for the first time, we’ve come across a company looking to crowdfund a car and, safe to say, our interests our well and truly piqued. Say hello to Nobe Cars, a three-wheeled beauty that might just be your next urban runaround.

Nobe Cars have an overriding objective of making our cities greener and this served as the jump off point for the designing of these rather excellent looking machines. If your only experience of three wheeled cars is the Robin Reliant then you’re well within your rights to be sceptical but once you lay eyes on these Nobe Cars, you’ll see that they are an entirely different breed and are dripping in luxurious design features and stylish visuals.

Electrifying Design

With a desire to change people’s perceptions and driving habits by delivering an electric car that boasts both stylish aesthetics, and a timeless and sustainable design, Nobe Cars might just be set to revolutionise the industry. They are endeavouring to make the Nobe Car upgradeable and recyclable as they strive to put a stop to the disposable car that instantly starts losing value the minute you take ownership of it before eventually becoming outdated and scrapped. This is a noble pursuit indeed and it is being crowdfunded on FundedByMe as we speak.

Their first machine, the Nobe 100 Car, is a three-wheeled, neo-designed, light electric vehicle that boasts a glorious vintage vibe that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. The hope to reimagine the way people explore cities in their cars and, for the first time ever, are offering a car whose features and technology is purpose built to be upgraded piece by piece to last a lifetime. So, when you are ready to upgrade, you simply replace and recycle pieces thereby enhancing the vehicle’s lifespan.

It is the sleek, elegant and retro design of the Nobe 100 that has bowled us over here at Coolector HQ and, despite its diminutive size, it is capable of easily accommodating three people and also has plenty of storage space to boot. It has been crafted for city life and exploring the urban jungle, and as such, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Nobe 100 is easy to park and has an impressive maximum speed of 110 km/h.

Eye-Opening Specifications 

You’ll be left mighty impressed with the capabilities of the Nobe 100 Car and it has a three-wheel all wheel drive system, and the combined range of the battery is 220 km and, if this isn’t sufficient for your journey, there is an additional, portable battery included. The composite lightweight body and the understated, minimalist design will seat three people and has a top speed of 110kmh.

The classic design of the Nobe 100 is also in evidence in the interior of the vehicle and it also has a convertible hardtop making it the first cabriolet electric vehicle. It’s set to offer autonomous and top class technology throughout the design process – with features such as identifying you when you approach your car, unlocking and opening the doors, setting your preferred temperature and playing your favourite songs. Head on over to FundedByMe now if you want to be part of this ride.

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