NOCS Waterproof Binoculars

Though we’ve probably not used a pair of binoculars here at Coolector HQ for around 20 years here at Coolector HQ, we know there are plenty of adventure inclined individuals out there who will be heading into the wild this autumn that will want to have a robust, adventure ready pair in tow for nature and wildness spotting and, quite frankly, you’ll not find any cooler or more suitable for the job than these ace looking NOCS Waterproof Binoculars.

Available for the bargain price of just $95, these ultra robust and top performing NOCS Waterproof Binoculars aren’t going to let you down wherever your outdoor adventures take you. Carefully designed to help you seek out the unseen, these superb binoculars are compact, rugged with premium optics which was something that the guys at NOC couldn’t find on the market so they made them for themselves – as you do.

Sights Unseen

The NOCS Waterproof Binocular are designed to be an ode to the generation of explorers who relied on this tool to discover the unknown and help bring it to a whole new generation of wilderness explorers. Back when only stories and hand drawn maps were enough to incite the spirit of adventure, seafarers and pioneers counted on their tools for survival and NOCS aim to make the binoculars are mainstay of any adventurers toolkit when heading out into the great unknown.

The NOCS Waterproof Binoculars ($95) are available in two different colourways – namely, black and the Flat Earth Limited Edition – so you can choose the one that best suits your style sensibilities. Each lens surface with these top class binoculars is fully multi coated, treated with emerald anti-glare and anti-scratch coating, for edge to edge clarity and razor sharp images that will make sure you don’t miss a thing out in the search for adventure.

Each pair of these binoculars are submersible up to 3ft for 30 minutes, and nitrogen filled to prevent internal fogging in humid conditions which means that there really is no excuse to leave them at home. With an ergonomic shape that has been designed to fit in your palm and engineered to protect the product, you’ll have peace of mind that these binoculars can keep pace with any adventure. Extremely lightweight and weighing in at less than 340g./12oz, they won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your adventure kit and they really are built for the journey.

Portability Pro

Most people today won’t be encumbered with any accessories that are a chore to carry around and the NOCS Waterproof Binoculars are well aware of this and are super compact in design. The Standard Issue 8×25 easily tucks into a pocket for catching the most amazing outdoor views and deliver an insanely bright and crystal clear image, no matter the time of day. Housed in chambers with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, the optic system is dialed for an unparalleled performance.

If you’re of an adventurous spirit and plan on heading out into the wild and want to really enhance the experience by capturing more nature than ever before, these NOCS Waterproof Binoculars need to find their way into your backpack for the journey. Ideal for wave finding at the beach, animal spotting in the forest or cosmic gazing at night, these fantastic looking binoculars are right up our street here at The Coolector and we will be tempted to grab a pair next time we head on any outdoor adventures.

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