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We love unusual designs here at The Coolector and always look to champion brands that dare to do things that bit differently. We’re also partial to a spot of cycling every now and then. This brings us rather nicely on to Nolobi Bicyles who operate out of Hackney in London and who have just launched a mightily impressive array of colour laden bicycles that have definitely caught our eye here at Coolector HQ.

The objective of this great brand is to offer a large range of fixed and single speed bikes purpose built for urban living and we here at The Coolector can’t help but be impressed by their considerable design flair. There’s nothing wrong with a spot of colour here and there and Nolobi have definitely applied this principle to their striking array of bicycles.

It is noticeable that many bikes border on the mundane but this certainly isn’t a criticism that can be levelled at Nolobi who unquestionably catch the eye with their devilishly spiffing designs. One of the main perks of Nolobi is their price point insomuch as they create awesomeness but don’t charge you the earth for it, with many of their offerings coming in at under £300. Check out a few of our favourites below:

nolibi2 nolobi3 nolobi4 nolobi5

If colour is your thing and you’re in the market for a new bike then we here at The Coolector would like to direct your attention to Nolobi and their superb new series of colour infused bicycles – some of the best of which you can witness above. You can mix and match the different components of the bike to your own liking so can truly create the perfect bike for your own tastes.

Price: £300 Approx.

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