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Given the fact that we cover probably three times as many electric bikes as we do conventional ones here at Coolector HQ, it is clear to see our subconscious (and lack of fitness, most likely) is rooting for us to go electric and, when you come across steeds as awesome looking as the Noordung Electric Bike, it is difficult to put up much of a fight.


The Noordung Electric Bike is an exclusive pre-production series of a mere 15, handmade, supremely well crafted urban electric Noordung bikes and, from the minute you lay eyes on one, you’re going to want to make it your next mode of transportation. Here’s why.

Effortlessly Cool Aesthetics

The first thing that immediately draws the eye with this phenomenally stylish electric bike from Noordung is just how painfully dapper it is visually and for those of you that want an electric bike that doesn’t compromise on the retro aesthetic then this is definitely the one for you. No matter how good this extraordinary contraption looks, it is the amazing features that it boasts (along with its exclusivity – only 15 will ever be made) that will really draw the crowds and it is something that really should be applauded.



Innovation is at the very heart of the Noordung Electric Bike and it superbly combines cutting edge design principles with innovative engineering techniques to deliver a bike for the very user experience imaginable. Just a few of the more eye-catching features to be discovered with the Noordung Electric Bike include an ultralight motor, invisible to the eye and built in the bike with over 30km range, up to 100 hours of music through the state-of-the-art speakers, played from your phone and this impressive construct is one of the most lightweight on the market.


There are cool technological features to be found throughout the design of the Noordung Electric Bike that will make it perfect for urban commuters and those looking for a regular runaround. These include two USB connectors, Bluetooth connectivity, top of the range speaker system, 32 lithium ion batteries and two air quality sensors.

Made to Last

You needn’t have any concerns about the robust nature of the Noordung Electric Bike as it boasts a carbon fibre frame (and boombox) which ensures that it will stand up to the regular wear and tear that a road bike will have to put up with. Phenomenally well designed, with so many first class gadgets and features, the Noordung Electric Bike has well and truly propelled itself to the top of the must-have list here at Coolector HQ.



For anyone wanting to get their hands on an electric bike (and one of the most exclusive out there, with just 15 being made) we’ve not doubt that this impeccable offering from Noordung will feature highly on your list. Whilst it is unquestionably an expensive contraption, such is the level of quality, it is difficult to argue with the price tag and it gets two big thumbs up from us here at The Coolector.

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