Novus Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular and 2019 might just be the year when they really hit the mainstream as more and more models hit the market. 2019 may only be a couple of weeks old but we might already have found one of the best looking examples of the year in the shape of the Novus Electric Motorcycle which aims to change the perception of this type of transportation and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s mission well and truly accomplished.

The Novus Electric Motorcycle is not just an electric motorcycle and Novus is not just a brand. They represent the conviction to be able to craft things that haven’t existed before and they’ve illustrated this admirably with this fantastic looking steed. Novus is committed to continuing where others say it does not work and they are always thinking ahead with their designs to make them as future proofed and contemporary as possible.

Stunning Design

Eye-catching from an aesthetic point of view, the Novus Electric Motorcycle expertly commingles design with technological innovation that really helps to set it apart from the competition. Each component of the design is reduced to the bare essentials to make sure there are no superfluous elements that detract from the performance of the machine. High tech design has brought this ride to life and for those who want a ride that turns heads everywhere it goes, you’ll find no better example than this one from Novus.

The interface of the Novus Electric Motorcycle is one of its stand out features and the benefits of the connected, digital world make it possible to integrate the smartphone not only as a control and display instrument, but also as a digital key for the bike. By removing the unnecessary hardware from the interface of the motorcycle, the new ideas can be made instantly available and you’ll be blown away by the innovative nature of the design and performance.

Priced at just under $40k, the Novus Electric Motorcycle represents quite a large investment so far as bikes are concerned but it definitely delivers from a performance and visual perspective. It has a specially developed carbon fibre front fork with its central strut blending seamlessly into the design of the bike. The adjustable damper hardness and sufficient (suspension) travel makes sure of a comfortable ride with precise response wherever you’re riding.

Designed for Performance

Everywhere you look with the Novus Electric Motorcycle you will see an exemplary design feature which really points to its compelling performance out on the road. It has carbon fibre brake levers which are actuated, the ultra-light monoblock calipers grip the 230 mm brake discs and the floating brake discs ensure optimal braking performance even under high loads.

The purpose-built lithium-ion battery gives the Novus Electric Motorcycle an impressive maximum range of some 60 miles which will be more than enough for all your urban commuting requirements. In urban traffic this corresponds to a travel time of over 3 hours and, crucially, the battery can recharge up to 80% in as little as one hour. This is certainly one of the most impressive electric motorbikes we’ve encountered and we can’t wait to see it on the roads in 2019.

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