Olive Pro: 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds

Indiegogo is home to some of the finest tech products of the last few years and is the perfect platform for innovative wares like these Olive Pro: 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds which have taken the crowdfunding platform by storm and already garnered nearly $600k in funding – which is testament to their excellent, understated visuals and unparalleled audio performance.

The Olive Pro: 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds on Indiegogo are billed as offering affordable hearing for all and delivers an enhanced hearing for sounds, music, conversations and more. Whether you’re using these for hearing or music mode, they offer a performance which is second to none and this is achieved through best in class design and high end components throughout. During the Indiegogo campaign, you can get your hands on a pair for just $199 which is 33% off the intended final retail price and represents extraordinary value for money in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Sounds Great

Brilliant speech understanding and automated background noise cancellation are bought together here expertly to deliver true, ultra crisp sound quality for better music listening, clearer conversations, and less noise. Celebrated crowdfunder Olive Union are one of Indiegogo’s most successful brands and they’re back with the long awaited next generation “affordable hearing for all” hearing solution in the shape of this Olive Pro: 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds.

The Olive Pro: 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds on Indiegogo (from $199) has voice detection and noise cancellation which is powered by machine learning. This means that you can listen to ambient sounds with focused enhancement on specific sound sources and you’ll soon realise just how much of an improvement this provides to your overall audio experience.

A reduction in the distortion levels is one of the chief benefits of this fantastic bit of kit from Olive and they are tuned to capture 99.8% of sounds within hearing range without any distortion. The Olive Pro also offers sound modes that can be adjusted to suit the environment you’re occupying at any given time. In addition, they amplifies human voices while cutting out unwanted noise to deliver crisp conversations day in, day out.

Exceptional Value for Money

The fact you can get a pair of these Olive Pro: 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds in your ears for under $200 during the Indiegogo campaign is nothing short of extraordinary truth be told. Not least because they boast world-class balanced armature speakers(BA drivers) which are capable of delivering immersive HD audio with personalised music EQ.

Another great string to the bow of this bit of kit is the fact it can help to prevent hearing loss. You can take a 5-minute hearing test with the app to test your hearing anytime and, based upon the results, you can customise sound settings for music and live listening. Looking to optimise your audio pleasure in 2021? You need the Olive Pro in your life – head on over to Indiegogo now.

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