OneClock Minimalist Analog Timepiece

How you wake up in the morning has a big bearing on how the rest of your day will go in our opinion here at The Coolector so, if you want to wake up in the right way, feeling rested, you may just want to check out the OneClock Minimalist Analog Timepiece which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This impressive device comes with waking music based in science, composed by Grammy-winning artists, designed for a disconnected bedroom.

The OneClock Minimalist Analog Timepiece on Kickstarter is, first and foremost, not an alarm clock. The team at OneClock researched the best tones, tempos and frequencies to wake you up before asking Jon Natchez from The War on Drugs to come up with a collection of musical compositions to lift you out of sleep in a peaceful, more natural way. OneClock is as much a piece of art as it is a functional household object and it can be yours for just $244 during the Kickstarter campaign.

No More Rude Awakenings

The team at OneClock are firm believers that the only thing better than sleep is waking up (not sure we’re inclined to agree but each to their own). Their reasoning is because waking up is where all the fun starts for the day. They believe in waking up better, so you can live better and breathe better and think better. The OneClock Minimalist Analog Timepiece is designed to help you achieve this in style.

Stylishing designed, the OneClock Minimalist Analog Timepiece is taking Kickstarter by storm – no doubt fuelled by the fact you can get 30% off the final retail price during the crowdfunding campaign. It allows you to make your bedroom your sanctuary, without all the technology that seem to sneak stress and distractions into bed with you. OneClock is designed to disconnect, so all you have is you, your thoughts, and perhaps a significant other in bed with you – human, canine, or feline.

Humans can suffer from alarm fatigue and become desensitized to sounds they hear over and over which would explain why we regularly sleep through alarms here at Coolector HQ. When OneClock’s alarm is activated, their AI music generator will randomly choose one of the songs stored on the clock’s solid state memory and remix it by adjusting the levels of each instrument or vocal for infinite combinations so it will not be the same tune you’ve learned to dread. It’s subtle, but noticeable and you will never hear OneClock’s songs the same way twice. Ever. Impressive stuff.

Sleek Aesthetic

Warm, organic, minimalism joins forces with an analog and tactile experience that’s built to last a lifetime with high quality, sustainably sourced components for the OneClock on Kickstarter. In our current culture of Amazon/Walmart convenience, the approach the brand took was decidedly unorthodox. They prioritised design and quality over price to deliver an exceptional product that is enjoyable to experience amongst other cherished heirloom objects in your home.

Excellently priced at just $244 during the Kickstarter campaign, it’s not hard to see why the OneClock Minimalist Analog Timepiece has experience such a resounding response with well over $250k in funding so far. If you’re looking for the ultimate wake up call in the morning which won’t leave you feeling groggy for the rest of the day, look no further. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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