Orbitkey Desk Mat

We know the importance of having an ordered workspace here at The Coolector and we’re always on the lookout for gear that helps to add to the functionality of our desks. Enter this brilliant looking Orbitkey Desk Mat which is funding over on Kickstarter right now and will please those who want to make their workspace sing and give you an unparalleled sense of functionality to where you work.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat is an innovative desk mat with built-in organisational features and is available for the bargain price of $49 during the campaign. Having a neat and tidy desk is central to working productively in our opinion and you’ll be able to do so much more effortlessly with one of these Orbitkey Desk Mat in your life. It is a clever solution to organise and optimise your workspace; helping you stay productive and do your best work everyday.

First Class Functionality

Available in two different colours (Black and Stone) and two sizes (Medium and Large), the OrbitKey Desk Mat will suit any style and space. It delivers visual structure in your work area, which will help you organise your work tools in a defined space. By being more intentional with what you keep on your desk, the Desk Mat helps to do away with workspace clutter – this lets you focus on the task at hand, free of unnecessary distractions.

If your desk regularly has an issue with piles of paper stacking up, the OrbitKey Desk Mat (from $49) will be an absolute godsend. Underneath the top layer of the mat is a convenient document hideaway for you to store loose papers and notes so they don’t pile up around you and serve as a constant source of distraction – it’s basically just like sweeping mess under a rug. Keep them out of sight but easily accessible whenever you need a quick refresher or to jot down notes.

You can keep all your cables in the right place with the OrbitKey Desk Mat and the magnetic cable holder can be moved anywhere along the toolbar to keep your cable in place and always within easy reach. No more tangles or cables falling off the table and the soft and sophisticated vegan leather will transform any desk into a warm and versatile workspace, and provides a smooth surface to write on and to use your mouse with ease.

Built to Last

The Orbitkey Desk Mat protects your desk from all sorts of bumps, scratches, stains and spills. The premium vegan leather is exceptionally robust and hard wearing, water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean when you inevitably spill your coffee on it. Made to last and ready to take on whatever the day brings, helping you do your best work.

With prices starting at just $49 for this workspace essential, it’s not hard to see why the Orbitkey Desk Mat has flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter. If you’ve been on the hunt to make your workspace a good deal more organised and conducive to creativity, look no further than this fantastically functional accessory from OrbitKey.

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