OSO Orbit Chronograph Watches

Every man will have different tastes with regards to the sort of timepieces that they gravitate towards but, if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll find those with a striking, vintage aesthetic tough to ignore. Well, if you’re of that mindset, Kickstarter has served up a treat for you in the shape of these extraordinary looking OSO Orbit Chronograph Watches which are bold, stunningly well crafted and boast the sort of vintage vibe we’re huge fans of.

The OSO Orbit Chronograph Watches on Kickstarter have a thoroughly impressive hybrid movement and can be on your wrist for the incredible price of just $220 during the crowdfunding campaign – which is from the $300 final retail price. Described as redefining vintage watches with modern timekeeping, these 70’s style tonneau shape and hybrid movement watches from OSO effortlessly combine the old with the new.


We’re not going to lie, the OSO Orbit series of watches on Kickstarter are amongst the most dapper we’ve seen on the crowdfunding platform and it comes as no surprise to us whatsoever that they have flown past their funding target. OSO’s flagship offering, this brilliant series of watches seeks to pave the way much like how our forefathers first ventured into space. Unraveling a world of timelessness and infinite possibilities that are still being explored today.

Taking their design inspiration from the human spirit that never settles for mediocrity, the OSO Orbit collection of watches (from $220) was created for those with the same desire for discovery and drive for innovation. Available in three different colourways, these watches retain a tonneau shape, reminiscent of vintage chronograph watches from the early 70’s – an era synonymous with bold and experimental watch designs. 

The symmetry of the dials delivers a minimalistic, contemporary aesthetic to the watch that we’re loving here at The Coolector. The curve lines of the rounded corners and dome-shaped Sapphire glass ensure they retain their vintage integrity. Paired with genuine leather straps which tie the look together, providing the watches with an antique feel. The case is inspired by Astron, the first ever quartz watch introduced by Seiko. OSO have designed it to give it a contemporary touch with linear brushing throughout the case, along with a high-quality marine grade stainless steel (316L) case typically witnessed on high-end dive watches.


A stand out design feature of the OSO Orbit watches is their use of a top quality hybrid movement which belies their affordable price tag. With OSO’s hybrid chronograph movement, you can enjoy a sense of timelessness unlike any other. It is powered by the famed VK64 Meca-Quartz from Seiko, which integrates quartz engineering with mechanical movement. Instead of the intrusive sweeping back motion typical of a standard quartz chronograph, the Orbit’s chronograph hands are disengaged from the quartz motor and snap back to zero instantaneously upon reset.

With three different styles to choose from and a sub-$300 price tag during the Kickstarter campaign, it’s little wonder that the OSO Orbit has proven such a smash hit amongst horology aficionados. High quality materials, an engaging an aesthetically superior vintage style design and a first class price tag all combine together to make this one a no-brainer. Head on over to Kickstarter to secure yours before it’s too late.

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