Otto Wilde G32 Smart Modular Gas Grill

Grilling season is now firmly upon us and if the time has come to replace the sorry looking barbecue you’ve got in the backyard, the perfect opportunity has presented itself with this ridiculously cool and top performing Otto Wilde G32 Smart Modular Gas Grill which is funding over on Kickstarter (remarkably well we might add) as we speak.

The Otto Wilde G32 Smart Modular Gas Grill on Kickstarter will revolutionise gas grilling and perfectly adjusts to your grilling requirements. It is an end-of-the-line gas grill and Otto Wilde have made it smart and modular. The G32 is positively packed with features you would only find in commercial grade appliances and during the crowdfunding campaign, you can get your hands on one for just €1299 which is some 30% off the final retail price.

Best of the Best

It features only highest quality materials as well as cutting-edge, patent-pending technology so you’re getting an extraordinary grilling experience for an unbelievable price. Crafted from high quality stainless steel which is as robust as it comes and will last a lifetime. It has smart technology that brings connected cooking to your backyard and you can do things like measure temperatures, check gas levels and cook entire recipes via the Otto Wilde app.

The Otto Wilde G32 Smart Modular Gas Grill (€1299) boasts an impressive modular design which will let you achieve your kitchen dreams by letting you add all sorts of modules to the design which includes side cookers, cabinets and various other built-in appliances. Despite all of the impressive features packed into the G32, it has a relatively small size that can fit in with any size of property or backyard.

It comes with ample storage space, which provides room for all common gas tank sizes, accessories and equipment. Otto Wilde’s internal design helps you to tailor the insides of the cart to your specific requirements and it is powered by four commercial grade burners, which boast unparalleled power and can perform an amazing range of cooking styles. The quality of the casted stainless-steel burners can usually only be found in commercial appliances – they will last a lifetime.

Easy to Clean

If you want your cooking to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, the Otto Wilde G32 Smart Modular Gas Grill is for you. It has an Easy Clean-up Fat Management System which makes cleaning a breeze. It comprises two drip trays which easily fit a dishwasher, and are housed in a full-width, telescopic drawer.

Technologically advanced, aesthetically superior and available for the bargain price of just €1299 during the Kickstarter campaign, it’s hard not to be won over by this amazing G32 grill from German workshop, Otto Wilde. If you’re after the ultimate in cooking apparatus for years to come, look no further because you’ve just found it.

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