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Smartphone cameras today are overflowing with high quality components and are, truth be told, almost as good as having a professional quality camera in your pocket but there is always scope to improve their capabilities a little such as with the Pictar Pro which is funding on Kickstarter right now. The Pictar Pro essentially lets you DSLR your smartphone and doesn’t just make your phone feel like a real camera but also enables you to add dozens of features and controls to proceedings.


The Pictar Pro on Kickstarter has a great aesthetic that photography fans are going to appreciate and helps to bridge the gap between a DLSR camera and a conventional smartphone. This cracking bit of kit lets you use your phone like a real camera and it’s clear that more photographers are now using smartphones as their primary cameras. And with good reason: today’s smartphone cameras really are that technologically superior but the problem is phones are made for the mass public, and so, they’re limited on the advanced features that give you more control but the Pictar Pro puts that in the palm of your hands.

Extremely Simple Set Up

Wonderfully user friendly, the Pictar Pro will add to the enjoyment of taking photos with your smartphone camera with its pleasure-to-touch polished metal grip and an unparalleled front-loaded intuitive user interface. In order to make the most of this bit of kit, you just need to download the app, put on the Pictar Pro case and get snapping – it really is as simple as that. With prices starting at just $129 during the Kickstarter campaign, it represents a great and affordable means of turning your smartphone into a DSLR camera.

Filled with tangible quality, some stand out features of the superb looking Pictar Pro on Kickstarter include a satin finish brass body, a non-slip “shark-skin” grip, a tripod attachment, a lightweight design and accompanying neck and wrist straps to complete the camera style aesthetic. With plenty of advanced photography options available via the app such as manual ISO, 9 advanced shooting modes, advanced flash options and an array of filters, it is easy to see why the Pictar Pro has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm.

Designed to work with all smartphones, the Pictar Pro is a mighty versatile accessory and it has been future proofed in order to work with newly released phones as well. This is achieved via an adjustable clamp and ultrasonic connection that means phones just need to be the same general shape in order to work with the Pictar Pro. Merely harnessing the power of the camera of your smartphone, the objective of the Pictar Pro is to make taking photos more fun and professional with many great design details that have a visual impact.

Pro Viewfinder

One of the biggest enhancements with the Pictar Pro comes in the shape of the viewfinder and the foldable silicon viewfinder allows you to preview images and videos in full vivid detail, even when being viewed under the brightest lights such as when you’re outdoors on a sunny afternoon. The screen adapts automatically, shrinking to the viewfinder’s window as soon as it’s snapped on to its designated slot.

With the pleasing sub-$150 price tag, the quality look and feel of the Pictar Pro, it’s definitely one of our favourite camera accessories to date to have emerged from the Kickstarter platform. If you love taking pictures with your smartphone and love the look and feel of a DSLR camera then you’re certainly going to want to get your hands on the Pictar Pro for a bargain price on Kickstarter.

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