PooPail for dogs

We’ve featured quite a few products for cats on the pages of The Coolector so it’s about time we gave our canine counterparts a fair crack of the whip. Enter the PooPail which is funding on Kickstarter now and will help keep your garden spick and span when you’ve got a four legged friend who likes to do their business out there.

The PooPail on Kickstarter is available for $39 during the campaign and will allow you to pick up and store your dog’s waste for up to a week. No smell, no hassle – everyone’s a winner. Including your lawn. You can keep your hands, yard, and pooch clean with this effortlessly simple device and it’s not hard to see why dog lover’s have been snapping it up in their droves on the crowdfunding platform.

Simple & Effective

Billed as the world’s first 2-in-1 solution to dog poop, the PooPail on Kickstarter means no more bending over, trying to fit a monster poop in a tiny bag, or naively walking around and getting poop on your shoes. This clever little device means cleaning poop off your lawn now just takes a flick of the wrist – which is infinitely more attractive a proposition than trying to bag it.

The PooPail on Kickstarter (from $39) has a pretty huge storage capacity (4 Gallons of it, no less) which will save you from countless long journeys to the dumpster by storing many smelly dog leftovers for up to a week in its waterproof and smell-proof pail meaning you can get rid of a week’s worth of poop in one go.

Boasting an ergonomic design, the PooPail has a design which allows sand, and pebbles to fall right through and with PooPail’s long handle, you’ll be saving yourself from future back pain, or at the very least just making your life a little easier. It snaps open easily, but once it’s closed, it’s really closed tight so you’ll not experience any odours from it during the day.

Environmentally Friendly Product

PooPail’s bags are compostable and biodegradable, which means they’ll decompose alongside your dog’s poop and not seal in the poop for centuries in landfills which makes this a more eco-friendly option than many other solutions on the market.

For just $39 you’ll be getting a device that makes the life of a dog-owner easier and, in our opinion, that’s a pretty small price to pay. The PooPail isn’t going to revolutionise the world of course but if it means you’re not spending ages in your garden picking up dog poop, that can only be a good thing right? Head on over to Kickstarter now if you want to grab one for a bargain price.

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