Pop Cauldron Soaps

Let’s face it, soaps aren’t the most manly of bathroom supplies but, as luck would have it, we’ve stumbled across a brand here at Coolector HQ who are helping man-up your bathroom a touch with some distinctly awesome looking soaps and they go by the name of Pop Cauldron.

Pop Cauldron are a cosmetics brand that create soaps inspired by popular culture – such as the awesome looking Chimichongas offering inspired by Deadpool above – and if you’re in the market for soaps that are more ninja swords than rose blossom, then Pop Cauldron are likely a good fit for you.

Don’t let their pop culture hook fool you, however, Pop Cauldron use first class ingredients in all the soaps that they produce and they don’t just look super cool, they’ve got the fragrance and cleansing abilities to boot. Check out a few more shots below:






Soaps are really something that we spend a lot of time thinking about here at The Coolector but when we come across one inspired by Deadpool with samurai swords sticking out of it, it’s hard not to sit up and take notice and that, sir, is why we’re loving Pop Cauldron right now and can’t wait to see what other soaps they add to their collection in the rest of 2016.

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