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A workspace needs to tick a lot of boxes in order to deliver the sort of performance that most people crave and, from what we’ve seen, this Pure Desk from industrial designer, Mario Tsai, looks to a great choice for those seeking a creative, well thought out desk that is conducive to being as productive as possible. The Pure Desk is the design handiwork of Tsai on behalf of ZAOZUO and offers an understated and minimalistic aesthetic that we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ.

The Pure Desk from Mario Tsai is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind and this shines through in the clever way in which the space is used and if you’re after something that has everything in its right place. Crafted for Chinese furniture purveyors, ZAOZUO, this first class piece of furniture design has got plenty going for it that helps to set it apart from the competition and if you’re seeking the ideal addition to your home office, this would certainly be a chief contender.

Workspace Wonder

Thoughtfully designed and great to look at, the Pure Desk has a fantastic aesthetic that is geared to making you more organised and productive during your day to day working. One’s workspace is often reflective of their mindset and with a great design like this you’ll be able to effortlessly keep it uncluttered and always ready for work and being creative. The Pure Desk boasts a large metal book space on the right hand side, a useful drawer for all your EDC, as well as storage modules in the form of built-in hanging bags to keep files. The bags also double as a privacy divider which are ideally suited for when you’re in co-working spaces.

The Pure Desk is the sort of minimalistic furniture design that we gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ and it has all the elements that we’d look for in a workspace. If you like your desk to have something about it from a visual point of view but always ready when you need to get your head down and be creative, the Pure Desk is definitely a top pick in our opinion. We love well thought out designs at The Coolector and that’s exactly what you get here.

With minimalistic workspaces, it’s important to try and conceal the cabling that is inevitable with all the technology that we have today and this is something that the Pure Desk achieves with aplomb. It has a hidden compartment that helps to conceal your various charging components and wires which, in turn, adds to the minimalistic appeal of this excellent piece of furniture design from Mario Tsai.

Great Design

You’ll be surprised just how much a well made workspace will improve your productivity and the Pure Desk is exactly the sort of design that will act as a catalyst to your creativity. Well considered from top to bottom, the striking aesthetics combined with the first rate materials make this cracking piece of designer furniture a must for those who are after the ultimate in minimalistic workspaces.

Available from Chinese furniture brand, ZAOZUO, this understated and well made desk has certainly turned our heads here at The Coolector and we’re sure that there will be plenty of others out there just as impressed with the visual impact, versatility and functionality of the Pure Desk.

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