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As you’re likely aware, we’re pretty fond of Land Rovers here at Coolector HQ and our penchant for watches is through the roof as well so we were understandably delighted when one of our favourite watchmakers, REC Watches, put their design skills to creating a series of timepieces hewn from a recycled classic Land Rover. The RNR Collection from REC Watches comes in two different, limited edition iterations – The R.O.C.K Fighter and The Beach Runner – and, as we’ve come to expect from REC, both are awesome.

The RNR Collection from REC Watches is the ideal choice of timepiece for the adventure inclined with a love of off-road vehicles and Land Rovers in particular. Needless to say, the classic Land Rover isn’t the most rapid or comfortable ride or, whilst we’re at it, the most quiet. You feel every pothole on the road, every rock crushed under its solid weight, while taking in the roar of an engine working in a way, contemporary cars will never understand. And that’s why we love them. And this brilliant new series of watches from Danish watchmakers, REC.

Ultimate in Adventure Timepieces

Standing for Road Not Required, the RNR Collection from REC Watches really are a cut above in both the visual and performance department. With two different versions to pick from, you’ll be sure to find the ideal one for you. The RNR Beachrunner is REC’s first-ever Swiss Made timepiece with a dial handcrafted from the roof of a 1981 Land Rover and this version is limited to just 552 pieces, with a price tag of £1382.

Conversely, the RNR Rockfighter is the Danish watch brand’s first-ever Swiss Made timepiece with a dial handcrafted from the door of a 2003 Land Rover Defender and this one is limited to a mere 463 pieces. It boasts a handcrafted metal dial which has been cut directly from the door of a 2003 Land Rover Defender and uses the Sellita SW200-1, self-winding, automatic movement. The 2003 Land Rover Defender donor comes from a German gentleman, and owner of 4×4 Experience, Michael Ortner. He uses this specific car as a tool to climb the steepest mountains and cross the deepest creeks on his many adventure trips all over the Globe.

For the RNR Beachrunner, the watch has been expertly handcrafted from the roof of a 1981 Land Rover Series III – which is owned by Portuguese photographer and filmmaker, Daniel Espirito Santo and a close and personal companion to an artist living in the present (and for most of the time, in his car). These unique materials used in their crafting really does set the watches in the RNR Collection apart from the competition in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Giving New Life to Classic Vehicles

Every element of the RNR Watches from REC are designed to reflect the function and aesthetic of the classic Land Rover and we’re utterly blown away by the amazing visuals of these watches here at The Coolector. Capturing the design DNA of the Land Rover has been no easy task for REC and has many years of research and development. But, as you can see, it’s definitely been worth it.

The sub-£1500 price tag is nothing short of extraordinary when you consider the uniqueness and quality of these REC RNR Watches. We’re huge fans of Land Rovers here at Coolector HQ and it’s plain to see that REC are too as they’ve well and truly captured the spirit of the iconic off-road vehicle with this superb series of timepieces.

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