Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD Limited Edition For HODINKEE

Hodinkee works with some of the world’s most luxurious watchmakers on limited-edition releases and when they joined forces with Ressence, you know the end result was going to be something special. So it has proven to be with the rather extraordinary looking Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD Limited Edition For HODINKEE. This classy and visually impactful timepiece is a highly limited run of a mere 20 pieces, and the Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD Limited Edition for HODINKEE brings new depth to the Belgian company’s one-of-a-kind visual language.

Amazing to look at, the Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD Limited Edition for HODINKEE obviously doesn’t come cheap (as anyone familiar with Ressence’s watches would likely already know) and has a price tag $22,500. This majestic looking offering from Ressence and HODINKEE is all about reduction. The case of the watch is a streamlined evolution of Ressence’s first Type 1 release, and the skeletonized dial has been pared back to boast more open space and perceptible layers than any other Ressence release to date.

Luxurious in the Extreme

HODINKEE worked closely with Ressence in order to refine the timekeeping features that are most crucical to the watchmaker’s design language to the absolute minimum. In many ways, it is fair to say that this is probably the most unadulterated take on a Ressence watch to hit the shelves. The Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD Limited Edition for HODINKEE provides a no-nonsense wearing experience that positively revels in its own sense of discretion. It does not have a conventional external crown as the movement can be wound and the time adjusted through a recessed lever which can be found in the watch’s caseback.

The Ressence Type 1 Slim HOD Limited Edition for HODINKEE ($22,500) isn’t just more ergonomic than its predecessors, it is functionally ambidextrous and capable of working on either a left or right wrist without problems. The mixture of grey tones directly relates to the different levels of the watch. As the dial transitions through the day, hour by hour, the interaction of light and shadow will also evolve simultaneously throughout the movement. Ressence’s unmistakable horological tone does a superb job of emphasising the fluidity of time passing.

There are plenty of stand out features to this timepiece that help make it all the more enticing (despite the eye-watering price tag) and some of the most impressive of these features include the grade 5 titanium casing, the grey dial with three-dimensional honeycomb skeletonized design, the automatic ROCS 1.3 movement, 36 hour power reserve, 100m water resistance and grade 5 titanium with caseback winding and setting key. After the ultimate in luxury timepieces? You might just have found it.

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