Ridgemont Outfitters x Iron & Resin Outback Riding Shoe

If you’re a regularly rider of a motorcycle (which we’re unequivocally not here at Coolector HQ), chances are you will have struggle with your footwear choices from time to time when you’re in the market for a pair that delivers on the all important resilience front but also excels in the style department. Well, you’re in luck because two automotive inspired lifestyle brands have come together to produce the ultimate in riding footwear in the form of these aesthetically superior Ridgemont Outfitters x Iron & Resin Outback Riding Shoes.

Funding over on Kickstarter right now and already off to a suitably impressive start, the Ridgemont Outfitters x Iron & Resin Outback Riding Shoe has all the hallmarks of a classic and for those who like to ride in style, it’s truly the ideal solution. These two Southern Californian brands have a love of all things motorbiking and this is something that positively shines through in the look and feel of their eye-catching footwear creation.

Best Foot Forward

Not everyone who rides a motorbike wants to go for the full on kit of riding leathers and boots and would prefer something a good deal more understated which remains stylish both on and off the bike – and that’s exactly where these excellent Ridgemont Outfitters x Iron & Resin Outback Riding Shoes come into play, delivering not just an unparalleled level of style but also the sort of performance you’ll demand from riding orientated footwear.

The first thing you’ll likely notice with this excellent footwear from Iron & Resin and Ridgemont Outfitters is the considerable quality of the leather (it’s genuine Horween, full-grain leather from Ridgenont’s tannery in Chicago) and the collar of the shoe is a ridiculously soft but incredibly robust and hard-wearing oiled suede. And, better still, you’ll find hidden away in the collar, both medially and laterally, is a nylon malleolus (ankle bone) protector to ensure you don’t encounter any painful mishaps whilst out riding.

You want to go with names that you can trust when it comes to buying any sort of apparel or footwear and this is particularly true when seeking out motorcycling footwear which is both stylish and functional. Well, Iron & Resin and Ridgemont Outfitters are two of the best in the business in this arena and this is something which unquestionably stands out in both the aesthetics and the quality craftsmanship abundant throughout their Outback Riding Shoes.

Ride in Style

It’s fair to say that footwear really doesn’t get much more stylish than this superb Kickstarter campaign from Ridgemont Outfitters and Iron & Resin and you’re simply not going to discover anything else out there that can compete on the aesthetics and performance front if it’s a pair of casual, stylish riding shoes you’re after.

The Ridgemont Outfitters x Iron & Resin Outback Riding Shoes are not only super cool to look at and wear, they deliver where it counts in the performance department as well courtesy of the first rate materials used in their construction and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to grab a pair for your own adventures in 2017, there is still plenty of time to get behind the campaign over on Kickstarter.

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