Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll be itching to get back into the great outdoors and enjoy some wilderness adventures (read: drink craft beers around a campfire) and you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got all the best accessories for your outdoor endeavours. A great addition to any camping line up are these Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets which deliver comfort and a warming performance to those chilly spring and summer nights spent under the stars.

Rumpl are a brand that specialise in the great outdoors and providing comfortable and eye-catching accessories to enhance any wilderness experiences. One of our favourite pieces from this top notch brand is the Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets which uses their first-ever synthetic alternative to down and is billed as a breakthrough in blanket insulation technology.

Crafted from Adventure Ready Materials

Needless to say, any accessories made for tackling the great outdoors need to made from tough stuff and that’s certainly something which can be applied to these first class Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets. Unlike traditional synthetic fills, Rumpl’s 100% post-consumer recycled NanoLoft® insulation is crafted from tiny circular clusters of fibre that replicate the features of down clusters for an incredibly warming performance.

This technology found within these Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets traps warmth inside small pockets of air to efficiently preserve heat, no matter what conditions you find yourself in whilst out in the wild. These top class plush blankets from Rumpl are now available in solids and print styles that will match any style persuasion. These blankets combine Rumpl’s proprietary down-alternative insulation with the same technical components discovered in high end sleeping bags and insulated jackets to ensure you stay warm and cozy both indoors and out.

Needless to say, the weather is an unpredictable beast but these fantastic Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets are designed to tackle whatever Mother Nature can throw at them. They are made from a 90/10 DWR, which is also known as a no-nonsense water repellent, on all of their blankets. This finish provides protection from the elements, and makes these Rumpl blankets are both weather and stain resistant.

Clever Features

Chock full of useful, versatile features, these Rumpl NanoLoft® Puffy Blankets are going to be your new best friend when we’re allowed to head back into nature in a few weeks (hopefully) time. Some of the stand out features of these blankets include the Cape Clip, which is a feature on all 1-Person blankets, and lets you wear your blanket hands-free like a cape so you can start a fire, drink your craft beer, or change the channel, all while staying warm.

In addition to the Cape Clip, these brilliant Rumpl blankets also have corner loops which ensure you can stake the blanket into the ground or integrate it effortlessly with Rumpl’s Stash Mat to allow for the ultimate chill session both indoors and outdoors. Priced at $149, these top notch blankets from Rumpl are excellent value for money and will significantly enhance your enjoyment of any outdoor adventures you have afoot.

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