Old Sag Harbor Road Residence

Privacy is something that informs a lot of architectural builds and that was certainly a key consideration for the Old Sag Harbor Road Residence from Blaze Makoid Architecture. This spectacular piece of design is wonderfully contemporary and positively filled to the brim with delicious design detail but there is also an impressive amount of privacy to the build which helps the owners relax and unwind within.

The Old Sag Harbor Road Residence is a truly private retreat built amongst the trees and within its own private enclave. This stunning piece of contemporary architecture from Blaze Makoid is a four storey property situated in the Southampton area of New York and serves as the ideal wilderness retreat for the owners to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Designed to feel like a sanctuary, this beautifully designed property is about as peaceful as it gets and the interior designer owner has, as you would expect, done an amazing job on the inside.

Relax in Tranquility

Perched atop a wooded lot the objective of the Old Sag Harbor Road Residence is to deliver seamless indoor/outdoor living and, as you can see from these excellent images, it’s mission well and truly accomplished. Measuring a rather vast 7,100-square-feet of living space, the home has actually benefited from the uneven topography of the plot, which has let the architects design a lower floor with a walk-out. The top floor then cantilevers out on either end of the linear home which adds a convertible amount of extra square footage without actually increasing the footprint of the build.

For those with a penchant for swimming, the Old Sag Harbor Road Residence from Blaze Makoid Architecture is definitely going to appeal. It has a negative edge swimming pool which is just steps from the main living area, and is connected by floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that disappear into the fabric of the building. This opening measures some 22.5ft so really does bring the outdoors inside and strikes the perfect balance of indoor / outdoor living. Within the main living space there is a three-sided fireplace which has been clad in blackened steel and provides a divide between the living room and dining room.

With the Old Sag Harbor Road Residence in New York State there is something about the contemporary aesthetics that really does resonate with our own design loving sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. We’re sure that the impactful yet understated interiors of the property are going to appeal to minimalistic living fans and there is such a sense of luxury that pervades the entire property that it really is hard not to bowled over by what the architects and interior designer owner have achieved here.

New York State of Mind

Located in a spectacular part of the world and boasting impeccable design both inside and out, the Old Sag Harbor Road Residence is a real treat for the senses. It has been carefully considered in its footprint and no attention to detail spare in the furniture and materials used throughout the interior design process. The wonderfully modern feel of the home is perfectly suited to its setting and we’re huge fans of its aesthetic impact here at Coolector HQ.

Blaze Makoid are an architecture studio we hadn’t encountered previously but if this exceptional piece of design is anything to go by, it’s definitely one that we’ll be coming across again. The quality of the build coupled with the interior design nous of the owner has joined together to create one of the best looking properties we’ve seen so far in 2018 here at The Coolector.

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