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The duffle bag is, if we’re being honest here at The Coolector, the carry that we favour the most here at Coolector HQ given its versatility, style and aesthetic appeal so when the time comes to invest in a new bag, this is invariably the sort we’ll have an eye out for. With this in mind, these superb looking Sealand Eco Collection, which is funding on Kickstarter right now, has a duffle at its core which ticks all our boxes – great to look at, storage aplenty and crafted for adventure, they’re a real triple threat.

The Sealand Eco Collection is so called because they are high-end, environmentally designed bags with an incredibly robust and functional urban outdoor nature and, crucially, they have been made from 100% recycled and upcycled materials to give them an environmental edge over much of their competition. Funding on Kickstarter now, this Sealand Eco Collection is the perfect pick for those who care about the environment and want a great looking carry as well.

A Collection of Carries

The Eco Collection from Sealand on Kickstarter is a series of bags and accessories which are designed to perfectly fit in with your urban outdoor lifestyle. The cornerstone product in this collection is the Hero Bag but in the full range of bags, you’ll find a backpack, tote bag, weekend duffle bag, toiletry/accessory bag and flat zip pouch and each of these has been made from 100% recycled or up cycled materials to make sure you can feel good about their origins whilst enjoying their excellent functionality and visual appeal.

Each carry within the Sealand Eco Collection on Kickstarter is crafted from Recover ®, which is an environmentally responsible fabric made from a top quality blend of upcycled cotton and post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Each bag and accessory within this Eco Collection has been put together by Sealand Gear, in Cape Town South Africa with a real attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

The standout product within the collection is, as mentioned, the Hero Bag, which is a duffle/backpack combination which allows dual use as either a backpack, or if you’d prefer, simply store your straps away, and you can use it as a functional and stylish duffle bag instead. Storage space abounds for whatever you require, whether this be for shoes or dirty laundry or your everyday essentials or gym kit. It has a side pouch for valuables and you everyday carry essentials such as wallets, keys and smartphone. On the outside of the Hero Bag, you’ll find a sleeve for your laptop – so, it’s perfect for the tech inclined individual.

Environmental Importance

It’s great to see more and more brands gravitate towards making products that have the environment front and centre of their thinking and this Eco Collection from Sealand Gear on Kickstarter is one of the best we’ve seen so far as bags and accessories are concerned. Made with a real care and attention to detail to deliver the most stylish and versatile carries possible, there’s a lot to like with this cracking collection of wares.

The Sealand Eco Collection has a superb selection of products from which to choose and you can pick exactly the ones that suit your day to day requirements from their Kickstarter campaign and, better still, you’ll be getting a bargain price. If you need some great looking new accessories and bags over the next few months, these are certainly going to be ticking plenty of the right boxes in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

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