Shinola X Benchmade Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife

Shinola are a brand that believe in making things well and whenever they go into a collaboration with other brands, you know that their ethos has to be the same to ensure the quality of the finished product. This has proven to be the case once again with the release of the rather excellent looking Shinola X Benchmade Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife.


This magnificent looking little piece of EDC will be ideally suited to those with a love of the great outdoors who often find themselves in need of a useful accessory or whittling implement and, as with all the products from Shinola, it has been made in the right way and will offer impeccable performance and versatility.

You Call That A Knife?

Benchmade are a purveyor of fantastic wares and operate out of Oregon City and for anyone with a love of great wilderness essentials will unquestionably be won over by the super cool looking Shinola X Benchmade Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife. This custom offering has an abundance of new features, along with some of the more common features that Benchmade are known for and which sets their products apart such as their patented AXIS® locking mechanism, premium M390 steel blade, orange G10 spacer, stainless steel hardware.

36-2 36-3

With discreet Shinola branding, this rustic looking piece of everyday carry should definitely be finding itself in the pocket of every woodsman out there and the quality of its craftsmanship and the calibre of the materials used in its construction is second to none.


Despite possibly being the least handy men imaginable here at Coolector HQ, we’re definitely always keeping our eye out for great accessories like the Shinola X Benchmade Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife and we’re sure that, given its great quality and versatility, it will make the perfect gift for many men this winter and you’ll be hard pressed to find a knife that boasts better craftsmanship than this.

Superb Quality

The immeasurable quality of the Shinola X Benchmade Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife immediately leaps out at you and each one has a durable Dymondwood handle with a unique grain pattern and colour—meaning that no two of these great looking knives are the same (something that adds to their appeal still further in our opinion). And left handers don’t need to despair because the pocket clip can be moved to accommodate southpaws and fit in with your lifestyle.


So, if you’re planning on some adventures over the next few months or as we move into 2017 and want a handy pocket knife at your side to carry out impromptu DIY and whittling endeavours, you’ll not find any better than the Shinola X Benchmade Custom 485 Valet Pocket Knife.

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