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It’s becoming increasingly noticeable, at least to us here at Coolector HQ, that more and more men are putting time and effort into their skincare regime and are forever on the lookout for the best products to take up the valuable real estate in their dopp kit. With this in mind, it leads us nicely onto a new brand by the name of Sonne who boast a mighty fine line up of skincare products that any man today will appreciate.

Sonne Grooming Goods are the brainchild of Matthew Jung and Dr. Amir Nobakht who came up with the notion of creating a skincare system that has been developed by doctors and is delivered directly to your door. What really sets the skincare products from Sonne apart is the fact that they use a unique, two product system that both protects and enhances your skin as one and you’ll pleased to hear that all their products are vegan, free from parabens and cruelty free. Something we insist upon with our skincare goods here at Coolector HQ.

Night & Day

The team at Sonne know that your skin needs protection all day long and that’s why they’ve come up with a two pronged attack on keeping your skin healthy with products that are used in the morning (which is the so-called “prepare” process) and then in the evening (during the “repair” phase). The Morning Preparation skincare products from Sonne will guard against UV rays to prevent damaged, dull skin and cancer and consists of a highly-concentrated, non-irritating lotion which has been formulated by doctors to provide your skin 4x protection against harmful UV rays — tackling redness, wrinkles, and signs of ageing. In addition, they enriched with nutrients like red algae, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to give you enviable skin.

With the “Repair” skincare products from Sonne will brighten and hydrate your skin whilst reducing wrinkles and stimulating collagen and, best of all, this is all done in your sleep. Dermatologists agree that SPF alone won’t give you great skin. Research suggests a complementary night cream to combat the remaining 3% of sun damage your skin receives during the day. This excellent one from Sonne is antioxidant-rich to tackle wrinkles and enhance tone while going to work rapidly to reduce the appearance of existing fine lines.

We created Sonne because we couldn’t find a simple, science backed skincare company out there that could deliver on claims without using toxic chemicals. Sonne is for the guy who doesn’t want to think about skincare but wants to keep his skin looking good and cancer free. – Dr. Amir Nobakht

Sonne aimed to simplify the skincare buying process, which can be baffling to many men, with their two product approach which delivers a simple, protective performance for your skin. Any man will probably be well aware that the skincare industry is saturated with myths and marketing gimmicks. This makes it hard to know if products even work and people spend big money on their best guess. Or get overwhelmed and do nothing. Sonne aim to put paid to this and provide men with skincare products that simply work and don’t leave you baffled in the process.

Real Science, Real Results

With products created on the back of actual scientific research, the skincare goods from Sonne will deliver exceptional results for your skin. As 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun, Sonne products are formulated by doctors in order to prevent this process while reducing signs of past damage (such as wrinkles and redness). Crucially this means no guesswork and no gimmicks. Just top performing skincare goods.

The simple subscription model is another benefit to the Sonne skincare products because it takes the pain out of getting your grooming goods and you can rest easy knowing that the products will turn up monthly with free delivery. The overriding ethos of Sonne is the fact that you simply don’t need 300 skincare products that will clog up your bathroom or dopp bag. You just need one that works. It doesn’t get any easier than Sonne with just one step in the morning and one step at night for a lifetime of safe, healthy skin. Sign us up!

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