Spinnaker SP-5061 Tesei Titanium Watch

There is a certain affinity for dive watches that we can’t quite put our finger on here at Coolector HQ but there is something about their bold, no-nonsense aesthetics that we find impossible to ignore. This is especially true of timepieces of the calibre of the new Spinnaker SP-5061 Tesei Titanium Watch which celebrates the prowess of famed Italian naval officer, Teseo Tesei, who became a legend for his bravery and ingenuity – being the inventor of the first manned torpedo used by the Italian navy during WWII.

The Spinnaker SP-5061 Tesei Titanium Watch is the ultimate in dive apparatus and really does have the sort of visual gravitas that we look for in a timepiece here at The Coolector. This magnificent looking adventure ready timepiece has definitely got the sort of performance that those who are regulars in the deep blue are going to demand and comes in a couple of different colourways so you can pick the one that is the best fit for your own personal sense of style.

Dive Right In

Spinnaker are synonymous with nautical styled timepieces but the SP-5061 Tesei Titanium Watch is unquestionably one of their most impressive and eye-opening to date. This fantastically classy accessory is built to last and has a water resistance of some 200m which means it will be right by your side for any underwater adventures you’ve got planned. It comes with a 43mm case which creates an uncompromising impact on the wrist and the casing is crafted from Grade 5 Titanium which is just about as robust and hard-wearing as watch building materials come.

The Spinnaker SP-5061 Tesei Titanium Watch boasts easy wearing ergonomics and has a reduced density to many watches which makes it the ideal choice as a diving instrument. This well-crafted, stylish timepiece from Spinnaker has a slightly domed, scratch resistant sapphire crystal lens which will help ensure there is no damage to the watch face when you head beneath the waves and maximum visibility is assured by the clear cut and uncluttered utilitarian watch face.

With the dial being brought to life by a slight matte fine sparkle which is available in both blue and black, there is a real distinctive visual vibe to this cracking dive watch from Spinnaker. It has C5 superluminova hands and dial which is crucial for underwater adventures because it makes the watch face so much more readable in the murky depths of the deep blue sea. Another essential addition to the design is the unidirectional diving bezel which measures elapsed time beneath the waves and it crafted from a matte ceramic insert for a great looking contrast to the dial.

Robust Straps

One of the most important components of any dive watch is the strap because these timepieces are going to be subjected to conditions that most others aren’t and need to be mighty resilient as a result. The Spinnaker SP-5061 Tesei Titanium Watch certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard and boasts ultra-durable, military spec Cordura straps which provide a snug, water resistant fit to the wearer.

This majestic, beast of a dive watch from Spinnaker has an RRP of $520 but it will be available at a special price of just $349 until the 21st November exclusively on the Spinnaker website so, if you want to get your hands on one for what is a real bargain price, you know what you need to do.

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