Star Wars USB Flash Drives

Now that we’ve finally seen The Force Awakens here at Coolector HQ and can vouch for its awesomeness, we can continue to happily post about Star Wars related awesomeness without any guilt pangs and that’s why we’ve got to cover these ace looking Star Wars USB Flash Drives.

Whilst the concept of having Star Wars characters for USB drives isn’t a new thing, these ones are more aesthetically appealing than most and if you love the likes of Bobba Fett, Darth Vader et al and want a means of porting your data and files around, then these super cool flash drives will fit the bill rather nicely. Take a look at a few more shots of our favourites below:








With Star Wars merchandise being prevalent, these ace little USB drives will likely be amongst the better pieces out there and if you’ve got a laptop or computer that could do with a touch of Star Wars related awesomeness these will unquestionably fit the bill. Available in multiple different characters and capacities, these spiffing USB drives will definitely make for the perfect last minute Christmas gift.

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