Sunne Solar Light

When it comes to interior design, one of the most important elements to get right is undoubtedly that of lighting and, if you’re a fan of ambient style lighting, this amazing looking Sunne Solar Light, which is funding over on Kickstarter now, will be right up your street. Billed as a contemporary solar-powered light for your window that will harvest energy from the sun by day to light your home at night.

The Sunne Solar Light on Kickstarter is available for the great price of €750 during the crowdfunding campaign and this self-powered solar light that captures, stores and produces light indoors will add a whole new dimension to your interior design endeavours. Simply hang Sunne in front of your window and it will naturally harvest energy from the sun and store it in its integrated battery.  As the evening begins to draw in and it gets darker, Sunne’s light will start to glow and provide the ultimate in relaxing lighting experiences.

Eco-Friendly Design

Solar is rapidly becoming Earth’s cheapest source of energy and it will play a pivotal role in tackling our climate crisis. Solar technology has come a long way since the blue roof panelling we’ve all seen. Through intelligent solar design, we can weave energy into buildings and objects to increase their functionality and transform how they look. Sunne’s contemporary solar design combines art, sustainability and technology into one to provide the indoor light of the future.

The Sunne Solar Light on Kickstarter (from €750) is crafted from one long curved strip of aluminium. It’s shaped like the horizon, with the curve delivering a bigger surface area which allows for maximum solar cells. The solar side of Sunne consists of solar cells that are responsible for harvesting energy during the day and then store this power in an integrated battery. To switch Sunne on and off, simply touch the top of the light or use the app. 

Sunne is an ambient light, measuring 85 cm in length, which hangs in front of your window by two steel wires through a simple and secure hanging system. There is no external plug required, something which makes this ideally suited to those homeowners endeavouring to cultivate an understated interior design aesthetic. 

Bring the Sunshine in

Sunne’s solar panels were developed alongside ECN.TNO, one of the most advanced energy research centres in Europe. Sunne also fully tested the cells together with TU Eindhoven under various light conditions to ensure the delivered the ultimate performance. Together, Sunne combined the best solar cells for indoor use with their own circuit board that’s connected to an integrated battery inside Sunne.

The solar side of Sunne contains SunPower Solar cells that charge during the day to power the light at night and the app will allow you to see how much energy Sunne is harvesting and the light’s battery level. You’ll also be able to use the app to change the light settings (sunne rise, sunne light or sunne set) or dim the light. Like what you see? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

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