Robots are pretty great. That’s a given. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t feature so heavily in popular culture and, though, we’re not quite at the stage of having intuitive robot servants in our real lives, they’re already a reality in the world of fiction. And it is this world that talented artist and illustrator Scott Park has captured with his wonderfully realised Synthespians print which revels in some of the greatest robots that we’ve encountered on screen and in print.

Optimus Prime, present. Bender from Futurama, present. Wall-E, present. You get the drift. If you’re a fan of robots and, truth be told, who isn’t, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one of these amazing looking prints which captures all your favourite mechanical mates and we here at The Coolector are very much looking forward to slapping one of these superb prints up at headquarters in time for Christmas.



Price: $35+

Available: Society6.

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