TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

It is noticeable that an increasing number of the luxury Swiss watchmakers are throwing their hat into the smartwatch ring after initially seeming reluctant but there are few doing it better than TAG Heuer as is admirably illustrated by their latest Connected Smartwatch release. This attractive and versatile offering boasts a sporty aesthetic that doesn’t immediately give off smartwatch vibes and will look great on the wrist whilst providing functionality beyond compare.

The TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch comes with a price tag of $1800 but it offers considerably more luxury and cache than your average smartwatch, that’s for sure. This eye-catching accessory from the Swiss watchmaking behemoth comes a PVD ceramic bezel, which adorns the stainless steel case and the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Through pure lines, innovative integrated functionality, configurable dials and an integral touchscreen, TAG Heuer have pushed the limits of design and technology to deliver a smartwatch that rises to your passions.

Superior Tech

With an unparalleled design, top of the range materials and an array of integrated applications, each innovation of the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch has been studied to make sure it properly adapts to your personality. The high-definition screen is visible at all times, to better monitor your performance and the amount of options it has to offer to make your day to day more streamlined is mighty impressive indeed.

The TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch ($1800) is resolutely contemporary and courtesy of a modular design, its case can be paired with multiple straps that are ready for both style and sport – or any other adventures that you’ve got afoot in 2020. This intuitive smartwatch lets you analyse your speed, pace, heart rate, distance: whilst the integrated sensors accompany you through all your workout routines. You can discover all the information about your sport sessions on the dedicated app or directly on the screen of your timepiece.

Available with a number of different colour and strap options, you’ll be able to configure this TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch to your own style specifications and you’ll be left amazed with just how versatile a performer it is whilst also maintaining the striking visuals that the Swiss watchmaker are synonymous with. Effortlessly cool but technologically superior, it’s easy to see why this is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after smartwatches on the market.

User Friendly Controls

Everything about the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch has been designed with the end user in mind and with the intention of making everything as streamlined as possible. You can control the watch using the touch screen or with the crown and can customise the dial of your watch easily through the app to regular change up the look of this eye-catching bit of tech from TAG Heuer.

The $1800 price tag might be a lofty one for a smartwatch but the quality on offer here is, as you would expect, second to none. It offers all the features you’d demand from a smartwatch and throws in plenty of extras that you wouldn’t. TAG Heuer have certainly hit the high notes with this one and we can’t wait to see what new smartwatches that the Swiss watchmaker has in store of the coming months and years.

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