TAXA Outdoors Tiger Moth Trailer

Spring and summer are the perfect time to head on outdoor adventures and they’re just around the corner now. If you’re planning something big for your wilderness sojourns over the next few months, it will certainly pay to have one of these awesome looking TAXA Outdoors Tiger Moth Trailers in tow. One of the most versatile, robust and functional bits of outdoor kit you’re likely to encounter, the Tiger Moth is lightweight but rugged enough to go big.

The Tiger Moth Trailer from TAXA Outdoors is one thoroughly impressive solution to those who love hitting the open road in search of adventure and is perfectly suited to nights under the stars in the great outdoors. Billed as the brand’s most rugged human habitat, this small but perfectly formed creation has sleeping room for two adults, plus two more with an optional rooftop tent. Whether you seek darker night skies, wilderness camping spots or just love the sophisticated of well-designed simplicity, the Tiger Moth does not disappoint.

Hit The Road

Versatility is the chief weapon in the armoury of the Tiger Moth Trailer from TAXA Outdoors and it was crafted for distant travel and is towable by most 4-cylinder vehicles. It boasts incredibly innovative doors and hatches which unfold to deliver unparalleled ventilation and superb views – so, it’s perfect for pitching up at some picturesque spot. Elegant simplicity in rugged form, it’s easy to see why the Tiger Moth is one of TAXA Outdoor’s most popular trailers to date.

Designed with off-grid adventures in mind, the TAXA Outdoors Tiger Moth Trailer has a built-in electrical system, LED lights, 12V outlets, water system and optional solar panels, which gives you the opportunity to exist off the grid in comfort with Tiger Moth. The large side hatch allows for straightforward access for effortless loading/unloading, mesmerising views and great ventilation from all angles.

Described as the ultimate adventure trailer, there are impressive features everywhere you looking with the Tiger Moth. This cracking piece of outdoor gear from TAXA Outdoors has a clever bed/lounge storage system that which gives access to under bed storage that is great for fitting all those essentials you want by your side during camping and road trip adventures. It also has an exterior storage roof rack system, tongue-mounted toolbox, front cargo step and roof cargo deck which combine to deliver practical, easy-to-access storage for all your gear.

Chef’s Delight

Another fantastic feature of the Tiger Moth Trailer is how easy it makes it to cook up a storm in the great outdoors. This superb trailer has a pull out kitchen that boasts an impressive 5.5ft counter top with a cutting board and two cubby holes for storing all your ingredients and cooking implements. This is great for those spring / summer nights in the wild with a craft beer and some delicious outdoor cooking.

For anyone who has a thirst for adventure and spends plenty of time in search of remote, wilderness spots to enjoy, it will be made all the more awesome if you’re doing your travelling with something as brilliant as the Tiger Moth Trailer from TAXA Outdoors by your side. With space for two (or four with the tent addition), this is ideal for camping adventures with friends this spring and summer.

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