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We don’t send written correspondence as much as perhaps we should at Coolector HQ (Read: Not at all) but that’s most likely because we don’t have any awesome stationary on which to send said correspondence and nor do we have a Patrick Bateman-esque preoccupation with business cards. That been said, however, we’ve recently stumbled across a stationers who offer a range of stationary that is simply too good to be ignored and they go by the name of Terrapin Stationers.

There is a rich tradition behind Terrapin Stationers and they originated over a century ago now in 1913 and they’ve been delivering awesomeness ever since. This New York based stationer and engraver are a family run business with husband and wife team Lloyd and Cathy Harrington at the helm and we’re massive fans of their brilliantly engraved (and often abusive) stationary here at The Coolector.

All of the stationary from Terrapin is made from the highest quality cotton and card stock and precisely pressed to provide a really impressive finished product that is far superior to many other forms of stationary on the market. You can see some of our favourite pieces from Terrapin above and a few more of their offerings below:

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I think it’s plain to see that there is a distinctly humorous undercurrent to many of the offerings from Terrapin Stationers and that is definitely something which appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. We’re of the opinion that we should be writing more and typing less, especially given how abominable our handwriting has become, and now that we’ve found this cracking stationary company, we’ve no excuse.

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