Texas Rover Humphrey Chair

When you think of camp chairs, you probably think of shoddily constructed webs of nylon and aluminium in lurid primary colours with a lifespan of no more than one wild weekend in June. The Texas Rover company has a different vision, though: A handsome vision of wood and leather that evokes memories of a time when things were done properly and with purpose.

Enamoured with the explorers of generations past, John Humphreys founded the Texas Rover Company in 2011 and he’s been creating quality goods for the modern adventurer ever since. John’s vision for Texas Rover Company revolves around his customers; the people who are enjoying his products, incorporating them into their lives, piling into a car for a weekend getaway, bags and boots in tow, or setting up around a crackling fire, laughing and telling stories as the moon and stars light the sky above.

The company’s signature folding Humphrey camp chair is inspired by a classic 1800s camp chair used by explorers on the plains of South Africa, built to exacting standards and intricately designed to provide unparalleled durability and comfort. The collapsible frame is made of reclaimed Texas Pecan wood that has been lovingly sanded, finished and assembled by hand by master craftsmen in the heart of Texas. The frame is fixed using a combination of custom made brass bolts and powder-coated carbon steel hardware that compliment the feel of the chair perfectly. Check out a few more shots below:









The final touch is a seat constructed of a full-grain, oiled leather that’s been cut and sewn by hand in El Paso – it’s rugged enough to stand up to whatever your adventures might throw at it and, as with all quality leather, it’ll just keep getting better with the patina of age.

Despite its outdoor appeal, the $1,599 price tag sets this firmly in the luxury indoor furniture category. It’s rugged feel and carefully considered construction make it a perfect heirloom piece for the study or living room or as an occasional piece in the garden.

With dimensions measuring 22″L x 22″W x 32″H and crafted from Pecan wood, oiled full-grain leather, solid brass, carbon steel and made in Texas, this is one piece of seating that will ramp up the style of any abode.

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