The Cat Flat

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ve got some feline friends ruling the roost and you want to give them nothing but the best but don’t want your home to look like a cat playground, things like this amazing looking The Cat Flat from 24 Storage is definitely going to appeal. Boasting the sort of aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place on a high end furniture site, The Cat Flat ticks interior design boxes and will help keep your cats happy and stimulated.

The Cat Flat from Storage 24 has been designed based upon the advice of Sweden’s first cat psychologist, Susanne Hellman Holmström, who has outlined 10 necessities (on top of food, water and toilet space) that cats require in order to be happy. These being somewhere to scratch, clean its fur, hide, look after its territory, play, sleep, hunt, spy, discover, and form social connections – this brilliant The Cat Flat helps to sate plenty of these desires.

Cat That Got The Cream

Needless to say, for cats that spend most of their time indoors, it can be difficult to meet all their requirements but The Cat Flat is designed to enrich their lives as much as possible. To tackle this problem, Hellman Holmström collaborated with interior designer Eleonor Moschevitz to come up with this The Cat Flat for 24Storage. The Cat Flat is designed for your interior design on the outside, appearing to be a wooden storage cabinet that many would have in their living room, but on the inside – that’s all about your feline acquaintances.

Great to look at, The Cat Flat is crafted from walnut veneer with doors that have vertical and horizontal slats and give the piece plenty of aesthetic character while giving you a shadowy peek of your cats playing within. It stands at three levels, this superb looking cabinet lets cats go wild with the freedom to move throughout the layers and play with the various scratchers and toys that are housed within.

Most pieces of cat furniture don’t exactly go above and beyond in terms of fitting in with your interior design endeavours but with The Cat Flat from 24 Storage, you’re getting a genuinely attractive piece of furniture which actually looks the part and will add to the look and feel of any room in which you deploy it whilst also giving your cats their own space to play and destress.

Superior Interior

Anyone who owns a cat will likely have accumulated an array of cat trees, toys and accessories that can clutter up your home but with this brilliant The Cat Flat from Storage 24, you’re killing two birds with one stone by getting an attractive and functional piece of furniture for your home which doubles as the ultimate entertainment piece for your feline friends.

The Cat Flat is somewhat of a godsend for those cat owners who have grown weary of their home being taken over by cat furniture. This expertly designed piece has everything and more than your cat needs to keep stimulated but doesn’t detract from the overall design aesthetic of your home so it really is a win/win situation.

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