The Last Thing You See

We’re quite considerable movie buffs here at The Coolector and it goes without saying that we have our favourite films and, indeed, our favourite film endings and that’s why we have been positively bowled over by this exceptional piece by video editior, Zach Hewitt, which expertly weaves together the final scene of over 70 classic movies into an epic and uplifting five minute video.

There are certain films which stick with you because of the way in which they end and many of those movies are represented in this top notch montage from the evidently skilled, Hewitt, of Plot Point Productions. Classics such as Badlands, This is England and The Wrestler all make an appearance in this fantastic piece of work which is a great celebration of movies of the last half century or so.

I think this video wonderfully illustrates the importance of getting the final scene of a movie right and we here at The Coolector couldn’t imagine the likes of ET, Rocky or Old Boy with different endings. A superb piece of work. Kudos to Hewitt for this rather spiffing montage.

See more of his work over at Plot Point Productions.

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