Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailer

Though we’re still technically in winter, spring and summer are right around the corner and one’s thoughts can begin to turn towards road trip adventures and wilderness sojourns. If you’re the sort that takes your trips into the wild seriously, getting your hands on one of these amazing Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailers will certainly be a step in the right direction and make all your outdoor adventures all the more memorable and rewarding.

The Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailer is a real sight to behold and boasts tradition teardrop aesthetics and matches these with contemporary features throughout and craftsmanship which is truly second to none. For those who love hitting the road and camping under the stars, these stunning Classic Teardrop Trailers from Timberleaf are likely calling out to you right now as they are to us at Coolector HQ.

High Quality Craftsmanship

The Classic Teardrop Trailers from Timberleaf bring you nothing but the best details, and exemplary craftsmanship that can only come from years of fine woodworking. Timberleaf are understandably proud to present to you a product that they are truly enthralled to create. It has quality at every turn and it is the meticulous attention to the small details are what makes a Timberleaf teardrop trailer stand out from the crowd.

Each one of the Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailers has a fully insulated cabin which is ideally suited to keeping the wind, heat, and cold at bay – which makes this a trailer for all seasons. It it available in an array of different colour options with stead-fast enamel-baked aluminium siding, and a clear anodised top, which means you’ve got every opportunity to make this trailer just as unique as yourself.

If wilderness cooking is your thing, it doesn’t get more impressive than and it puts backcountry gourmet right at your fingertips with one of the most impressive galley kitchens available on the market. You can cook to your hearts desire in the spacious galley, which comes equipped with a sink, faucet, LED lighting, and with optional stove and custom-made cooler; which means you’ll be a backcountry chef in no time. Details like more than fifty stunning retro-inspired durable laminate counter top options, classic aluminium edging, and sliding bypass doors, mean that everything is in reach, and easy to clean. 

Superior Interior

The Classic Teardrop Trailer from Timberleaf comes with one of the largest skylights of any teardrop available on the market and this makes the cabin feel spacious and open. With customised storage cubbies behind the headboard, and a shelf for storage above, you’ll have plenty of space for all your camping essentials. The stunning natural wood folding shelves on either side of the cabin are there when you want them, and stashed away when you don’t which adds an impressive versatility to the interior space.

Timberleaf have fully insulated the cabin, and each surface has been insulated with one-inch thick foam, which is situated between two layers of Birch plywood. This means the cold winter air will be kept at bay while you will be kept warm and cozy inside the spaciously appointed cabin. The mattress is a custom-made Colorado Queen mattress – which is the same length as a standard queen mattress, and just 3″ narrower in order to fit the trailer perfectly. Standard with a four-inch-thick dual-density foam mattress, and available upgrade to a triple-layer 8” foam mattress, comfort really is king here.

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