Trinken Lids

We’re big fans of a craft beer or two here at Coolector HQ and we’re often ones for drinking on the go so will always be interested in devices which allow us to drink a little more surreptitiously and that’s why we’ve been impressed by this Kickstarter project that goes by the name of Trinken Lids.


Billed as a new and improved (the last one was subject to a cease and desist, but why let that hold you back) ultimate stealth koozie, Trinken Lids is, essentially, a collapsible cup but one that also boasts plenty of cool features that any regular beer drinker is going to appreciate.

Sneaky Beer

Enjoying a beer whilst out and about is something that all men can’t resist from time to time but whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to drink openly in some countries, others are a little more stringent with their policies and awesome products like Trinken Lids are somewhat of a godsend. Following the original cease and desist, they’ve gone back to the drawing board and fully redesigned their product to provide some really great features that will make enjoying your craft ales a doddle.


The Trinken Lid boasts a fully recessed centre that accommodates both the lips and the nose, which delivers an experience similar to drinking from a a piece of glassware, and far better to the experience of drinking your beer from a tin can. This durable lid is extremely easy to snap onto your can and it can be used on more or less any type of beer can out there so no matter what your favourite tipple is, the Trinken Lid will be there to keep it concealed when you need it.


Obviously, us Brits are (somewhat inaccurately I might add) known for having a penchant for warm beer but, in actuality, no one likes a warm beer and that’s another area in which the Trinken Lid exels – by using an air barrier to help keep your beer 20% cooler than what you’d witness with a traditional koozie design.

Clever Design

The collapsible nature of the Trinken Lid is another impressive feature because it means its small enough to pop away in your pocket when it’s not in use and will be ready and waiting for when you’ve got a cold beer in hand that you want to walk around with.


Trinken Lids have come back bigger and better than before and it definitely looks like there is a big market for this type of product amongst beer lovers because the campaign has already flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter and you’ve still got plenty of time to your hands on a lid of your own.

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