TwelveSouth HiRise Pro for iMac

One’s workspace is where most of us spend vast swathes of our day and, so far as productivity is concerned, it’s always a good idea to endeavour to keep it as neat and ordered as possible. With this in mind, products like the TwelveSouth HiRise Pro for iMac are a godsend and don’t just add a whole new aesthetic appeal to your desk but will provide a functional means of placing your iMac with the added benefit of storage for various EDC and other small essentials.

The TwelveSouth HiRise Pro for iMac has a mighty reasonable price tag of just $149.99 and has a striking, industrial style design that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector. Most people working in the creative and design fields will work from an iMac and having a clear, clutter-free workspace is a must to make sure you can remain as productive and creative as possible and this HiRise Pro from TwelveSouth will help ensure you achieve this objective.

Understated Excellence

Your workspace speaks volumes about you and keeping it looking its best will be a whole lot easier with a great piece of design like this TwelveSouth HiRise Pro for iMac. This cracking accessory is a beautiful, height-adjustable contemporary stand that elevates your iMac, iMac Pro, or external display. This is important because it allows for a reduced strain on the neck while you’re working. In order to reduce your desk detritus, the all metal stand doubles as a gear garage for hiding your wallet, AirPods, hubs and hard drives.

The TwelveSouth HiRise Pro for iMac ($149.99) has a sturdy stand which includes a double sided gunmetal / walnut grille to fit seamlessly into any setup or workspace aesthetic. This excellent looking piece of design is versatile, functional and beautiful and it is certainly one of the only stands that has the right visual impact for supporting the current crop of iMacs, the new iMac Pro and high-end 4K / 5K displays – it will need a base width of 10-inches or less.

HiRise Pro is a mighty versatile product and elevates your display to multiple heights (up to almost 4 inches), which will give you a better ergonomically designed setup for reduced neck and back strain whilst you work. In addition, you can also use this stand to lift your iMac to the same height as a secondary display and, once it is set up, the HiRise Pro from TwelveSouth integrates with iMac and other displays to look like one radical new computer.

Your Own Workspace Garage

It goes without saying that we all accumulate bits and pieces on our desks during the course of the day but the TwelveSouth HiRise Pro for iMac basically offers you your own workspace garage for storing small bits of EDC such as keys, wallets, phone and so forth. If a tangled mess of cables on your desk sends you round the bend, you can stash that monstrosity inside HiRise Pro, and simply feed out the right amount of cable through the cable management slot on the back of the stand.

Another cool and handy feature that has been built into HiRise Pro from TwelveSouth is the soft supple leather valet tray on top of the stand which looks great and adds another level of functionality to proceedings. You can use this leather pad as primo parking and charging space for your iPhone or Apple Watch. The leather lined top of HiRise Pro is also a perfect spot to drop your keys or glasses.

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