Despite the obvious technical prowess of the next generation consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, we’re still massive fans of retro style games like Limbo here at Coolector HQ and when we came across a game that goes by the name of Unravel and which seemingly combines the fantastic gameplay of side scrolling adventure games whilst harnessing the power of the next generation, it’s safe to say we were left somewhat astounded at the results.

This visually stunning game really capitalises on the power of next gen computers to craft an incredible looking side scroller that is a puzzle / problem solving packed game that sees you assume control of Yarny, a creature that is made from an old lady’s ball of wool. The graphics are, quite frankly, top notch and the puzzles look suitably brain engaging for both young and old. Take a look at a few screen shots from this awesome looking game below:





For fans of retro, side scrolling puzzle games like us here at Coolector HQ, Unravel looks like it could be a bit of a game changing as it’s combining spectacular visuals with genuinely engaging looking gameplay to stunning effect.

Though we’re typically glued to FIFA 16 at The Coolector, it’s innovative games like Unravel which manage to coax us away and we can’t wait till this game hits the shelves in early 2016.

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